What You Can Easily Recycle

Many people throw away things they can actually reuse when being a little creative. So, the tips for you: Try IviBet login and do not throw away egg cartons. You can use empty egg cartons for the following things. So, try to be ecologically friendly by reusing things. Of course, you cannot or should not reuse everything.


You can get really creative with an empty egg carton. Here are 5 things you should do instead of throwing it away.

Egg cartons are the perfect shape to transport eggs from the supermarket to your home. There, the eggs are sorted into the refrigerator and the carton remains. So what should you do with the carton? Here you can read about useful tips that are quick and easy to implement.

Reuse egg cartons with care! Egg cartons are usually not suitable for reuse, as they do not meet the hygienic requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulation. The reason is that they are contaminated with bacteria and dirt after contact with the eggs.

These bacteria and dirt particles can be transferred to other foods should they be placed in the egg carton. So, when reusing egg cartons, you should not store food in them. Instead, you can use them for crafts or gardening.

To be on the safe side and minimize the risk of salmonella, you should put your egg carton in the oven. Put it in the tube at a good 80 degrees for 10 minutes and most bacteria will be rendered harmless.


Use as a watering can: You can use the individual compartments of the egg carton as a watering can when you’re out of the house for a day or two. To do this, simply fill the compartments of the egg carton with water and place them in the pot of your plants. The water will soak the carton and so the water can come out after a few hours. That way, you’ll have your plants watered even if you’re not home at the time.

recycle Egg Carton Crafts

Use as a seed box: You can use the individual compartments of the egg carton as mini seed trays. At the beginning of a seed, they are great for holding a little soil and the small seeds. When the plants are big enough, you can then plant them in the garden or in a larger pot.

Use as brush storage: You can use a cardboard box to store and organize paint brushes and other art tools. This includes erasers, pencil sharpeners or paper clips.

Use as a jewelry box: You can use an egg carton to organize and store small items like jewelry, toys or batteries. It’s especially pretty if you give the egg carton a nice new coat of paint beforehand. After that, you can sort it into your jewelry or makeup cabinet.

Use as an egg cup: As mentioned earlier, an old egg carton should not come in contact with food. However, you can use it as an egg cup for the breakfast table. It is best to put a small napkin inside to make the egg carton completely germ-free.

Now it is up to you to try our recommendations and give you inspiration about recycling.



    Love the egg carton chicks. I try to recycle as much stuff as I can. Right now I have a empty plastic (small) can that had wipes in it. It is a sturdy plastic. BUT cannot think of what to do with it. I don’t need it on my craft table to hold anything already have 3 containers colored pencils, watercolor markers, colored pens. But it is to nice to throw away!!

  • Shannon Victoria Holmes

    Hello, I reuse a lot of things including paper to make paper beads, I also use egg cartons to make flowers and milk cartons to make spacers for beading, I also use pop tabs to make necklaces with. I love upcycled crafts.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I re-use a lot of things. So many things can be re-used as other things. Paper egg cartons make great little seed planting starter pots.

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