The Right Colors For Your Home

To upgrade your own home, it really just comes down to the color choice of furniture and textiles. Now you can find out which three colors have a particularly high-quality effect and more about TonyBet login.

You do not have to invest a lot to achieve a great effect in terms of the interior. You just need to know what color you need. So, take a deep breath and really think about your choice. Some colors are hard to overpaint. Here you can find a useful guide about how to make such an important decision.

Whether you are furnishing a new apartment or remodeling your current home, there are numerous interior trends that we love to be inspired by. It’s not just the design and features of the furniture pieces and decorative accessories that play a role, but especially their color.

Certain colors trigger certain emotions in us and our guests – for example, there are colors that are supposed to create more sex in the bedroom. Certain shades can make us feel positive or melancholy and also visually enhance our interior. We will tell you here how you can make your home and furnishings look more upscale with a simple play of colors – for a luxury feeling without spending a lot of money. These following three colors will give your decor a luxurious look. Depending on what you want of course and what color matches with your furniture. 

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  1. sky blue

A soft blue not only looks classy, but also has a relaxing and pleasant effect on us. The color simply reminds us of a bright, cloudless sky and makes us forget all our worries. Reason enough to incorporate a few interior pieces in a beautiful sky blue into your own home. By the way, sky blue looks especially good in rooms where you want to be calm and balanced – for example, the home office or the bedroom.

  1. dark green

Dark green is a classic among high-end interior colors. Whether a whole wall, individual pieces of furniture or just a few decorative pieces: Dark green looks elegant, reminiscent of nature and can also be combined wonderfully with other colors. It’s best to start with a piece in this noble color and then expand your furnishings according to your taste. If a new piece of furniture is currently too expensive for you, plants with darker leaves also provide a natural, luxurious touch.

  1. pink

Many consider pink to be too girly, but the color can also look very neutral when it comes to furnishings. Choose soft and powdery shades of pink here, rather than garish pink. Pink exudes warmth without being too flashy. You can either set small accents with pink decorative elements or use pink as the basic color for one of your rooms – you and your guests will certainly feel very comfortable with it.


Every year, the Pantone Color Institute selects the “Color of the Year” and thus sets the trends for the coming months. This time, the choice has fallen on “Viva Magenta”: a happy mix of red and pink that immediately catches the eye and spreads good cheer. In 2023, the color will not only find its way into our closet and make-up drawer, but also into our home!


  • gloria patterson

    Colors are interesting…………………. BUT my apartment has WHITE walls and we cannot paint them.

    So as you say COLOR I add color to my wall with wall canvases. I picked our big pink flowers and they stand out and add to my living room. Have also added pillows with pink flowers, and pink throws. Now bedroom i found a big 3 canvas orange flowers with shades of greens. Now the other wall is full of great nieces pictures all colors and shades.

    I like color but not hit you in the face colors. As for the color picks each some are beautiful some is just ok LOL

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love blues, but don’t care for green even though you see it a lot in many homes. I’ve heard that red is common for dining rooms because it makes people hungry!

  • Shannon Victoria Holmes

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I really like greens and blues. I remember a long time ago my mom had a pink bathroom and it was cute.

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