How To Add More Personalization To Your Home

Adding personalization to your home is a great way to bring a bit of you or your household to the space. There’s nothing worse than going into a person’s home and seeing no personality. You may as well step into a showroom!

If you’re looking to transform your home this year, then here are some tips to personalize your space for 2023.

Personalization To Your Home

Try not to copy Pinterest-style spaces

When it comes to personalization, Pinterest is a place that sucks all of the personalization out of home design. While you may discover something that looks fairly unique, it’s likely to have been done many times since that pin went live.

It’s important to bring your own ideas to the table when it comes to personalization – that’s the whole point of it! Try to avoid copying Pinterest-style spaces because chances are, you’ll visit a friend’s home that has the exact same style or a similar feature in their home.

Stay in your own lane when it comes to personalization and make full use of your own ideas when it comes to transforming the space into something you’d love to see.

Paint the front door and windows

Painting the doors and windows is a great way to add a bit of personal flair but not only that, you’re giving your home a bit of extra colour too. Custom door decals are also a great way to add a bit of personalization to internal doors that lead to the kid’s bedrooms.

Make sure you find the right type of pain when it comes to external doors and windows so that you’re not faced with chipped paint after a short period of time.

Add personable details to the room

Personal details of a room are important, whether it’s handmade cushions and throws to framed paintings of your favourite artists or work. Try to get creative with the personable details as they often make a real difference to the space and the room you’re looking to transform and make more personable to you and your family.

Hang up personal photos

To help provide more personalization to the space, think about some of the photos that might currently be hauled up in your attic or desperately need new frames to show off.

Hanging personal photos is a great way to celebrate memories and to have something for guests to look at when they’re being entertained in the home. It’s the little things that add to the personalization of your home after all.

Give your home its signature fragrance

Talking of subtle features to personalize your home, consider buying yourself a signature fragrance. A fragrance that brings nostalgia or that you want to be the scent of your home and family, whether that’s a specific air freshener or laundry detergent. Having that special scent to basque the home in can certainly make a big difference to the home.

With a few tweaks and changes to your property, the house or apartment will feel more like a home and less like the pages of Architectural Digest.


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