Brainy Baby’s First Ball review

When I took the Brainy Baby’s First Ball out of the box I thought to myself “Well, that’s weird looking”.  On the other hand Baby Alice’s little face LIT UP!!!!!!
We are going to start with Baby Alice’s take on Brainy Baby’s First Ball:
It’s a beautiful black and white.  Shiny! Squishy! I can grasp it so easily!  In either hand!

It’s so pretty!!Baby with Brainy Ball
Look! I can place it on my thumb!
Baby with Brainy Ball
Baby with Brainy Ball
I can chew on it.

(Baby’s First Ball came a the perfect time!!  Alice has her 2 bottom teeth and the top 2 are starting to come in and the Baby’s First Ball help her work those gum! She loves to chew on this ball!)
Baby with Brainy Ball
I can hold it with my FEET!!

Baby with Brainy Ball

I can throw IT!! The ball is soft and bounces REALLY WELL!! Once I realized it bounced… Nonnie spent most of the time chasing the ball.  (That was fun! NOT!! for Nonnie anyway)

I LOVE my First Ball!!

From Nonnie’s point of view……..
The First Ball by Brainy Baby encourages grasping skills for both hands!
It’s perfect for teething babies! Alice has been gnawing on this since it arrived!
The First Ball is great for eye hand coordination.
First Ball was actually designed by an Artist to bring out your babies creativity! I have to say it did just that!! I had no idea Alice knew how to throw a ball. Yet, I spent all day chasing the ball for Alice. (Note to self…. teach this kid to CRAWL!!)

The Brainy Baby First Ball, cleans easily! Just wipe it off with a damp rag and let it dry.
Alice and I give Brainy Baby’s First Ball 4 thumbs UP!!


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