• ahh

    Well, can’t use my laptop in the hotel. Sooo good news bad news. Bad news no post. Good news I can use my phone and not even leave the slot machine!

  • 5:00 News

    5:00 news came on with a story about bed bugs and now I can’t stop itching and scratching!!!!!  Stupid power of suggestion!!  So consider this my Public Service Announcement for the week.  (Truthfully? I hate to itch alone! But the PSA makes me sound so much nicer!!)  It also doesn’t help that hotel/motels are the prime place to pick up bed bugs and I leave for Vegas tomorrow.  UGHHHHH!!! Anyone have some anti-itch cream they want to share? Proper Prevention Techniques And Descriptions Bedbug FactsBedbugs are small, brownish flat bugs that feed only on the blood of humans and animals.  They are roughly the size of a ladybug, with small eyes…

  • Yosemite

    Selena has an amazing photographers eye.  It was hard to pick just a few to share but I finally narrowed it down to these 30.  Enjoy! I see new pictures coming to a wall in my house.  Great job SELENA!!!

  • Sunday already

    This weeks room addition update (other than the hole inside) we have a roof!  The roofer finished today. Someone has worked on this addition every single day.  Who works on a Sunday?!  Not me!  I was reviving myself…. last night Selena and I volunteered for the Women’s Resource Center.  We had the ‘kids jumpy’ house duty.  I lifted kids for three hours (sum’a those kids were not as light as they looked!!). But, over all a 100% GREAT night!! Spent time with Selena, got a great work-out AND my baby fix all in a seven hour period! How fun is that?!?!

  • Everywhere!!

    I told ya this contractor loves to dig holes and pile up dirt!! Now he is diggin’ inside. Okay so it’s for the shower, sink and such… but still…. I have another hole… and more dirt piled up. We are up to 3 deep holes and 3 piles of dirt….. the front yard… one on the side of the house and now this one inside. No wonder I can’t keep the dirt and dust outta the house!

  • Lookie what I got!!

    I bought myself a little treat (it was a Tuesday.. it deserved a treat!)  I went to SnapTotes. See the shopping banner up above??  (DAMN that was sneaky wasn’t it!?!?)   I designed a new wallet with my family pictures!!  Look at how cute this turned out!!  SnapTotes does such a great job! The last shot shows you the size.  You’re jealous aren’t you!?  I knew it…  I would be too.