• LegoLand

    We had so much fun the first day we went to LegoLand we did it again!!!  Emma has this drivin’ thing DOWN!! Recline back…. foot on the gas.  Ummmm into wall… LegoLand repair man comes and moves you into the lane again… repeat. That’s my girl!! Eli makin’ eye contact JUST before he climbs the wall trying to get into the water fountain. Eli needed to see if Nonnie could run fast enough to catch him before he went into the water.  FYI Nonnie can!!! Nonnie DID!!  Nonnie wins! 

  • San Diego Safari Park

    When our kids were little the first stop inside the Safari Park (Wild Animal Park) was the Brass Rhino for a picture op. I can’t believe I’m now taking pictures of my GRANDBABIES!!!!!   On to the petting pen to feed the babies!   Sit on the Brass Gorilla.   Emma needed a picture infront of the bamboo. I could get 3 outta 4 smiling AND looking at the camera…… but no matter what I tried. 4 outta 4 wasn’t happen’in  See? Little Man smiled and no one else was looking at the camera.  I think he did that on purpose… hence the laugh!  Carousel was a HUGE hit! Nonnie & Emma…

  • New Highchair

    Dear Selena and Dan, I promise never to put Alice in this type of chair.  (or at least I promise I won’t take a picture) I’m lying…… I am soooooooooo doing this!!  Only I will cut the watermelon smaller I don’t want her little arms to be uncomfortable!  I’m a WAY better Nonnie than that!!

  • What a GREAT day!!

    Ahhhhhh this is the sound of a content Nonnie.  I spent the day with my entire family!!! Eli and Emma had plenty of kisses to go around. Even for each other!! Alice told fishing stories to Uncle Zac (apparently one big one got away!!) There was cake! There was some jaw dropping conversations! And there was toe lickin’! Yum toes….. gooood!! What a GREAT Saturday!!

  • So much to do!!

    Does anyone else get into such a funk that a task that would have taken you 10 minutes has been put on the back burner till it’s an all day thing?! UGH!! That’s what I’ve done. From the fish tank to the kitchen stove! The bathroom to patio….. ugh!!  Somebody come help me!! Wait let me rephrase that. Someone come clean FOR me! cause now I’m so over whelmed I don’t know where to start! Ohhhh and NO you don’t get a picture of the mess! I don’t want to stress you out before you get here… I mean I don’t want to spoil the surprise!  That’s it! No spoiler here! So? Come over… bring donuts…