• Angry!!

    I’ll give you ANGRY!!  Stupid birds!!  Thank you Selena I’ve wasted hours trying to kill these stupid pigs!! I hate ANGRY BIRDS!!  Why CAN’T I get past level 15?!??!!? Stupid birds!

  • Mixbook Review

    If you are a regular reader you know how much I love Mixbook!!  I love that I can add stickers and sayings to my photobooks.  I love the freedom that Mixbook gives you to truly design your pages the way YOU want them to look.  So when I was given the opportunity to review Mixbook’s Holiday Note Cards I was GIDDY!!   So I immediately decided that I would dress up a willing model (I say willing because she is only 3.5 months old and I’m wayyy bigger than she is!! I CAN make her do what I want!!) So together we did Mixbook Halloween Cards.I have say Mixbook has truly…

  • YimYam Monster!!

    I won the cutest little ‘monster’ called a YimYam Monster.  This giveaway had ‘me’ written all over it from the blog I won on……the Screaming Sardine blog.  I LOVE that blog name!!  Then I saw this little Monster and well…… I am so glad I won.  He’s SO CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!   Sorry Grandbabies…. this one is Nonnie’s!! http://screamingsardine.net/2011/09/eunice-from-eunice-makes-artisan-interview/ Seriously!  He makes me laugh every time I see him.  Ohhhh and FYI… he’s stayin’ out all year long. Thank you Eunice at Eunice Makes and Tracy at Screaming Sardine.

  • Play-a-Lot Petals

    This week Baby Alice has been hard at work doing her review of Bright Starts Play-a-Lot Petals.  First, as soon as Nonnie opened the box Alice’s face lit UP!!  (Yes, I know…. 3.5 months old babies start to really notice things and recognize people… blah blah blah…) but I’m tellin’ you Alice’s face REALLY lit up!!Alice was reaching for the Play-a-Lot Petals immediately!!  I totally understand Alice’s excitement!!  This little toy is adorable!!  Pretty pink soft flower with crinkly petals.  The crinkle petals are a loud enough sound that Alice can’t quit playing with them (Course neither can I).  Thennnnnnn there’s the mirror….Baby Alice LOVES that baby in the mirror!!  Alice…

  • I found the KEY!!! GreenTeaDaily!!!

    Everyone has heard that Green Tea is the best thing you can drink. Welllllllllllllllllllll, I found THE best Green Tea drink ever!  GreenTeaDaily.  First thing I have to say is it tastes FANTASTIC!!! You decide how strong you want the Green Tea by mixing the packet into 8 or 16 ounces of water.  It doesn’t have an after taste.  It’s portable! (I love that!!) I mixes quickly.Now for more AWESOME-ness….. one serving of GreenTeaDaily  is the equivalent of 45 cups (you read that right… FORTY FIVE cups) of regular green tea.  Just think of all those amazing Green Tea benefits you are getting!!!!I found that after drinking GreenTeaDaily I had…

  • Be Jealous!

    My daughter Selena and I movin’ and a grovin’ to Don Henley tonight…. it’s okay… you can be jealous.  I would be if I were you!!        

  • Two great deals!!!

    Today only (9/23/2011)  FREE 8×10 collage print at Walgreens!  Just enter “collage” in the discount code box. Second deal for today is $10.00 credit when you sign up for SaveMore.com.  I used $7.00 for the Stick On Wall Décor.  I still have $3.00 for my next deal.  SaveMore.com  is similar to Groupon. Soo??? What are you waiting for??  Go get your free collage and your $10.00 credit!!I’m headed to Walgreens…….. .they just emailed me that the collage is ready for pick up!!   I had to pop back in to show you how CUTE this collage came out!!  Thank you Walgreens!!