Play-a-Lot Petals

This week Baby Alice has been hard at work doing her review of Bright Starts Play-a-Lot Petals.  First, as soon as Nonnie opened the box Alice’s face lit UP!!  (Yes, I know…. 3.5 months old babies start to really notice things and recognize people… blah blah blah…) but I’m tellin’ you Alice’s face REALLY lit up!!
Alice was reaching for the Play-a-Lot Petals immediately!!  I totally understand Alice’s excitement!!  This little toy is adorable!!  Pretty pink soft flower with crinkly petals.  The crinkle petals are a loud enough sound that Alice can’t quit playing with them (Course neither can I).  Thennnnnnn there’s the mirror….Baby Alice LOVES that baby in the mirror!!  Alice talks to the baby… well, when she’s done licking the baby that is!!   There are teething rings and one of the little petals is a chewy rubber teether and a bead chaser.  (The Play-a-Lot Petals came at a perfect time…. Alice has a tooth coming in!! ALREADY!!! Again… she’s only 3.5 months!!!)  There is a ring on top so you can attach to the stroller or baby bouncer.
Bright Starts gets another A++ because a portion of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Charities.
At $5.99 on line you can NOT go wrong!  This would be such a cute baby gift in place of a bow?! How cute would that be!!!  Nonnie gives Bright Starts Play-a-Lot Petals a bright gold star!!!
Alice wanted to tell you herself about the Bright Starts Play-a-Lot Petals so be sure and watch her video.  The opinions in the video are 100% her own and in her own words. (I did take liberties and translated for you… in case some of you are proficient in Alice Speak. You’re welcome)


YES… I know…. a lot of pictures for this review… but # 1…. cute cute CUTE baby!!  # 2. This Petal toy is ADOraBLE!!  # 3…. I couldn’t decide which one(s) to delete so I kept them all.  

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  • AlicesMom

    She blabbed on and on all night about how amazing this toy is..Frankly I thought she made it all up (you know trying to build up her Nonnie time) but I see that it’s true… The toy is magical and yes, Alice I know we now need one at our house – because as she says “all our toys suck”. Such a naughty tot – such language. tsk tsk tsk

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