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RULES:  **GIVEAWAY!** A couple of rules I need to mention.  Undiscovered offers $10 off to every customer for their first box.  One winner will receive a $60 gift code to apply towards the subscription box price of $59.99 plus tax and shipping (shipping is not covered by the gift code). ** HOWEVER!!! The Little Peanut that wins here on PBnWhine I am covering that cost. It’s just an added bonus that I am offering on MY OWN! This is NOT associated with NOVICA or other giveaways for Undiscovered.

** There is a mandatory follow for NOVICA on Instagram to enter this giveaway.


I’ve been seriously in love with NOVICA FOREVER! I did my first review for them back in October 2013! Every piece I own is something still hanging,  still worn, still in use and 100% still loved! Every piece is hand crafted.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY!

NOVICA was founded in 1999 by a group of people from around the world, including Andy Milk, Charles Hachtmann, Michael Burns, Mina Nercessian and Jose Cervantes. 

We started Novica with a dream to create a better world for artisans, because a better world for artisans is a better world for all. Along the way, we discovered something very important – as artisans around the world succeeded, there was also a visible and profound impact on the communities around them.

NOVICA’s newest endeavor is a subscription box:


I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I love subscription boxes of all kinds but Undiscovered ahhhh this one… 100% my favorite!

As you Little Peanuts know I have had Granddaughter Alice with me for the last month. When I asked her if she wanted to do a review for old time sake she actually jumped at the idea! So, Alice and I present to you July’s Undiscovered Subscription Box!

*** side note. We are not professional video stars OR video editors.  We DO however have fun!

How grown up is that kid??  One of her 1st reviews was back in September of 2011 for Play-A-Lot Petals

Alice 3 Months

Okay proud Non moment over… I mean not over, over but ya know… back to work.

Well, true to her word when I got home from delivering Alice home to San Diego I noticed the Coyote is gone. I imagine it has found a place on Alice’s desk. Hummmmm. Well, to be fair she did warn me.


The Howling Coyote.  This alebrije sculpture is hand crafted and decorated by Jesus and Roxana Hernandez. He’s beautiful. He is also watching over Alice. 🤗

Sunflower jewelry box

My Brilliant Sunflower jewelry box is my favorite piece. It has a light delicate feel to it. Handcrafted in the time honored majolica style.  This piece was created by the Contreras Family. This is now nestled on my vanity where I keep all my special treasures.


Gabriel Veronica has created a beautiful leather Travel Smart card wallet. Since moving to Idaho I pretty much only carry a card wallet and my phone. I love the freedom of not carrying a purse. This wallet is a perfect fit for me.

Showy Catrina

How fun is this folk art wall accent?? Catrina is showing off her bodacious feathered hat. Crafted from tin, glass and hand painted. Created by Rocio Pindter.

Cotton Cosmetic Bag – Hidalgo Flowers with the silk lining. With a wrist strap you could use this for a night out on the town.  Beautiful detailed, colorful embroidery.

Ya know I HAVE to mention presentation! I love the care that NOVICA Undiscovered puts into their presentation.  Stunning wrapping paper, beautiful gold ribbon and each of the gifts individually wrapped for safe travel and then in tissue paper for that added special touch.


NOVICA items will stand the test of time. EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. that I have reviewed or purchased on my own has made it’s way to Idaho with me. Gift items have ALWAYS been received with gasps, ohhh and ahh’s and big hugs! Because each item is handmade with love.

Undiscovered WILL make an amazing gift for someone special in your life! HONEST!!


Good Luck Little Peanut! Don’t tell the others but I really hope you win your own hand crafted Undiscovered Box from Mexico.

*this giveaway is for one Undiscovered box.

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78 thoughts on “Subscription Box #Undiscovered @NOVICA #Giveaway

  1. I’d love to have several of the paintings on Novica. The Ocean-Themed Expressionist Painting in Blue from Peru, “Sunset II” is really beautiful.

  2. Novica has some beautiful area rugs. One of my favorites is the Blue and Grey Floral Wool Area Rug (5×8) from India called “Blue Majestic Garden”–love that blue!

  3. I went to their site today and I love this item Circular Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace from India, “Dragon Ouroboros”.

  4. I love any kind of decorative box, but especially wood ones. There is one called Hand Carved Decorative Hibiscus Wood Box, “Srinata Lady” that is amazing. It is literally shaped like a female face.

  5. I went to their site today and I love this item Handcrafted Leather-Accented Shoulder Bag from Peru, “Colorful Warmth”.

  6. I’m looking at the musical instruments again. The Hand Carved Tweneboa Wood Bongo Drum from Ghana, called “Rhythmic Beat” is really nice!!

  7. I checked out their site today and love these Two Handwoven Guatemalan White and Green Cotton Dish Towels, “Forest Colors”.

  8. I have not found one thing on their site that I would not love to have

    Wood Alebrije Figurine Cat in Green from Mexico

  9. I’m still looking at their musical instruments. They have the cutest one shaped like a pig, which I collect, called ‘Hand Carved Wood Pig Percussion Instrument from Bali, “Musical Pig”‘–love it!!

  10. I went to their site today and I am loving this item Handwoven Guatemalan Cotton Placemats & Napkins (set for 4), “Sandy Shore”.

  11. The musical instruments are fascinating, really beautiful. The “Wood djembe drum, ‘Ultimate'”, from Ghana is a favorite.

  12. Men’s Sterling Silver Naga Chain Pendant Bracelet, “Strong Love” Its says for MEN!!! But I would it

  13. I went to their site today and I love this item Handcrafted Worry Doll Christmas Ornament, “Kahlo”

  14. They do have some beautiful furniture, too. I’ve been looking for a good table for the living room, and the Tornillo wood and leather nightstand, called ‘Colonial Floral Night’ is stunning.

  15. Really really pretty

    Decorative Floral Bag Made with Aluminum Engraved by Hand, “Metallic Flower in Red”

  16. Handcrafted Thai Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, “Dancing Silver” I want a lot of stuff 🙂

  17. I had never checked out their musical instruments before and they have some fascinating stuff. I need the Artisan Handcrafted Teak Wood Tambourine from Bali called “Rhythmic Vibes”–cause the tambourine would be about the only thing I might be able to play, lol.

  18. I went to their site today and I am loving this ring for him Men’s Green Onyx Ring Crafted in India, “Verdant Statement”.

  19. They have some really beautiful rings. They’re all so unique. I love the Gold Accent Silver Band Ring, “Sands of Time”–really nice!

  20. If money were no object, I would totally go for the painting: Still Life Painting of Watermelon and Flowers Guatemala Art, “Flowers and Watermelon”–love those colors!

  21. I like pigs, lol. I collect pig ceramics, etc., so the Artisan Crafted Suar Wood Piglet Statuette, “Piglet”,from Bali, is right up my alley.

  22. Handmade Coconut Shell Hanging Planter from Bali, “Tropical House in Butterfly” so many pretty things

  23. Since I was born in the year of the snake, I like jewelry that features snakes–that’s the on ly way ZI like snakes! The Wood Pendant Necklace of a Two-Headed Snake from Peru is really eye-catching.

  24. I was looking at their rings today. The Sterling Silver and Gold Accent Ring from Indonesia, called “Forever Mine” is really stunning.

  25. They have a Turquoise Pendant Necklace – Ocean Waves that is really pretty. I’ve always liked turquoise.

  26. I went to their site today and I love this item Hand Painted Mexican Day of the Dead Purple Skull Candle – Colorful Purple Skull | NOVICA.

  27. Wood Alebrije Figurine Cat in Green from Mexico – Cat Stretch | NOVICA is so cute i love all things cats

  28. I noticed the Blue Sacred Heart Wood Wall Sculpture with Milagros in the next undiscovered box. I love the blue color in that.

  29. I went to their site today and I love this Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover – Blue Tenango | NOVICA

  30. Novica’s site is still undergoing maintenance, so I will pick something from the undiscovered boxes again to day– how about those Ceramic Tequila Cups – Hidalgo Flourish. We all need tequila cups like those!!

  31. i love it all but i really like the glass bottles. they are functional and gorgeous and WATER IS LIFE

  32. Well, their site is undergoing maintenance so they only showed this month’s undiscovered box–did you see the Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover – Blue, from Tenango?? That blue is gorgeous.

  33. I love the color blue, so I would like to have their Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover – Blue Tenango | NOVICA.

  34. hand painted talavera cermaic tissue box cover perfect for my bedroom has all of my colors

  35. I went to their site today and I love the Wood Alebrije Figurine Cat in Green from Mexico – Cat Stretch | NOVICA.

  36. ‘Beautiful Movement’, 18k Gold-plated Hand-crafted earrings caught my eye today.
    Thanks for the contest.

  37. I love handbags or totes and I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 on one, lol. But if money were no object, I love the leather handcrafted purses on Novica, like the Golden Blossoms, Orange Floral Hand Tooled Leather Shoulder Bag. Gorgeous colors!

  38. I went to their site today and I love these Floral Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, “Bali Paradise”.

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