$50 Your Way Giveaway August 2022

$50 Giveaway August 2021

Here is my July update from on top of the mountain in Sandpoint Idaho.

The beginning of the month was a whirlwind.  The Husband has been sick, MS and Covid do NOT mix well.

Mid July I had originally planned to take visiting Granddaughter Alice home, stay a week and visit family and friends before returning home. Welllll, that was not meant to be. The Husband could not be left alone longer than a day, even that was tricky. So, Alice and I flew to sunny California, I dropped the kid at the curb, hugged the Son In Law. Hugged the kid and immediately got on a plane back to Idaho. That my friends made for a long day.

Less than a week after returning Mother Nature found Idaho and turned on the heat. NOOOO not when Alice was here so we could kayak! No, the month she was here we were wearing wool socks and sweaters! If I had been that Mega Millions Billionaire I would be installing air-conditioning ASAP. It’s hot up here! The heat is NOT good for MS. (Or cranky Non)



I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide. $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!





313 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway August 2022

  1. The weather was actually really nice today. It was pretty cool and there was a nice breeze. Of course, it’ll probably go nasty tomorrow, lol.

  2. Last day of August & the junior children are back at school including our 3 Ukrainians. Managed to get up and do a bit & eat a bit.

  3. the day is going well. can’t believe it’s the end of August (and summer?) already. hopefully some of the nice weather will stick around. thanks

  4. So far my day is going well. I have really been enjoying the lower August temps here in central OH. I cannot remember an August without sweltering heat and I love it

  5. August is almost over – not a bad month all in all – got a good bit of planning and dreaming (lol) done…today is independence day here and this weekend in the states is Labour day so I plan on taking all this time off and relax….

  6. I was going to go to the pool this morning before my infusion this afternoon. Sigh. At least I got to the infusion in time.

  7. I’m bored. I need to find something to do, lol. I’d like to take a cooking class, maybe. I wonder if anyon e has those around here–maybe I’ll look for an online one.

  8. Today was an exciting day. my daughter and I got open the envelope revealing the gender of my other daughter’s baby. I am so excited for her to find out this weekend.

  9. Our weather is up and down…………… today was a high of 70 with rain…….. Starting to clean out and get rid of a lot of old clothes. Favorites but it is pass time for them to go.

  10. Crazy weather day here. We went from blue skies to a storm and back to blue skies in about an hour, lol.

  11. Back to reality today – no more beach day or lazing around with the pets.. there are weeds to be pulled and vines to be dug out – all I have in my head aside from the headphone music is Corfu!!!

  12. energy level LOW!!1 I keep taking long naps and sleeping at least 6 hr at night. Our heat is back 94 today through tuesday.

  13. I didnt sleep well last night. I had the grandbaby over night. I have my grandsons birthday party today.

  14. It has been 5 years since my husband passed on – talk to him every day and hope that he is watching us move on with plans that are so different from what were his dreams – he would want me to be happy…miss him very much….

  15. Not a good day. I did something really nice for my wife and she spat all over it. I’m really not happy right now.

  16. Quiet day at home. The most excitement was a hit and run thunderstorm. Big crack of thunder, 2 minutes of rain and 2 minutest later – sunshine!

  17. I suddenly realised that the fall term starts in less than two weeks. Where did the summer go? There’s lots of work to do in preparation.

  18. Sleep in 7 am this morning…………………. I know but I am usually up around 5:30 am Had a long nap and playing on the computer now

  19. I don’t understand how a basically rural area can be so skimpy on things like Farmers’ Markets and fresh produce, lol. It’s hard to find around here. Maybe things just haven’t really kicked into gear since they had to shut down in 2020–it’s a pain the butt.

  20. My son is house sitting at my brothers. I was planning to go swim in his pool but the weather isn’t very nice today.

  21. We finally have some cloud cover here and that is making me so so happy. I was so tired of the baking 100 degree weather we have been having.

  22. this day is going well. it’s little cooler and we’re getting some more much-needed rain. running between the raindrops should be an Olympic sport. thanks

  23. Golly, it’s Saturday! Where the hell has the week gone and how come a general anaesthetic can leave one such a crock? Maybe it’s my age catching up with me … feck that!

  24. I have decided that no matter how many chores there are to do today I am going to the beach and thats that!!

  25. Yesterday it was rainy and cold on the beach we went to the movies and saw Top Gun. Today sunny but breezy.

  26. Went to the grocery today. That always leaves me tired out. Honestly, that place is so huge. Next time I think I’ll skip Walmart and hit a local little grocery, lol.

  27. after a very loud and windy night of t-storms, it’s going to be a good day as the air clears and the sun comes out. thanks

  28. I have done bugger all except sleep today. Everyone has been so kind. You want soup? I make borscht just for you … make you strong!

  29. Geeze. One of those days. I have dropped everything I have picked up, I keep having to fix things or try to put things straight. And the cable company says there is a problem with my equipment that could cause issues so they have to schedule an appointment to fix it. OK. I get to spend Monday waiting for the cable guy, lol.

  30. Nice quiet day got a little of this and that done. Our temp is going back up for the next 4 or 5 days. It always goes up when the kids go back to school

  31. Sleep and more sleep, that’s about all I’ve done today. Kicking myself I didn’t bring back my aspidistra and other suffering houseplants from my sis’s place. How can 2 people with the same upbringing be so very different?

  32. Even though its raining today in Wisconsin the birds are chirping and I am having a beautiful day. Thank you

  33. It is a glorious day outside after all the rain – and a new tropical wave is coming so I had better enjoy the sunshine this morning…

  34. My day is going well so far, although I woke up too early! Going to get some work done, grocery shop, cook and enjoy an evening with my kiddo. We are volunteering to take care of the cats at the local Petsmart tonight.

  35. Went to South Haven to a rocky beach so I could search for rocks. It was a really nice day and the water was warm.

  36. Picked up my Farmers Market coupons any senior over 62 can receive them. There is $30 in coupons in the packet and they are good for the local farmers market.

  37. I’m back! Minus my gallbladder & my belly feels like a Riverdance Troupe have been rehearsing for hours on it! Op went well, belly v.sore but avoided painkillers as had a 6 hour drive back. Left my sis’s place, collected poor Idris, headed for the new house & as I laid him to rest, there under the headge, beside the hole, was a little kitten, curled up asleep! More Twilight Zone theme music – honestly, the magic of the West of Ireland has me well & truely in it’s grasp. Back to the B&B to wish Happy Independence Day to our Ukrainian friends who clapped & cheered as they carried my stuff upstairs for me. What a day!

    1. So glad that you are doing well – minus the pain. yeh! your trip to your new home was magical.. love it.. rest up!

  38. The tape is still up around the parking area, and everybody here is having to walk up the street to get to their vehicles. The school kids just walked by my window, so the bus is dropping them off up the street far enough that I don’t even see it. The guys need to come take that tape down because there are disabled people here who can’t make a walk half-way up this street just to get out. Yeah, I’m whining today, lol.

  39. First thing on the agenda today is laundry – by the time it is all done and hung up breakfast! I have to go through all the curtains amd drapes I have and decide what goes to good will….

  40. The last few days have been ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong.’ Today, just to cap it off, FTSB bus was not able to get to me because of the parking lot being roped off and repaved. So, I had to cancel my doctor’s appointment–rescheduled it, but can’t get in until October. I think I’ve gotten used to not really expecting anything to work out like I want.

  41. two weeks ago today we made a trip to the bank……………… after 5 visits to the bank and many phone calls to the help line…… FINALLY

    Have on line bank set up so I can do my mother’s bills!!!

  42. I have 2 groups of swimming friends: the Tue/Thur group at Link and the Sunday one at Ridge. Today we all came together at Ridge since the Link is closed this week. Was fun.

  43. I’m not sure how the day is going – went to an appointment and left more confused than when I went. hopefully time will help get things sorted out. thanks

  44. My day is going pretty up and down so far today but I am trying to have a good day. Love coming to your blog always makes me smile.

  45. Sitting here making a list of all the people I have to contact in the next few weeks…evaluation people, my lawyer, real estate lawyer, Greek lawyer.. customs.. shipping company.. the list goes on and on and I feel so excited! the last big move of my life…

  46. two of my girls friends came out to the cottage for the day it was fun hanging out together on the beach.

  47. Well, I was supposed to get a prescription for a UTI on Friday but they sent the wrong thing, so by Sunday I felt horrible–and decided to take a dose of an old prescription I never used because I had an allergic reaction to it. But I figured how much harm could it due, just using it for one day. Well, Sunday night I got my answer. I itch everywhere, lol. Eek!! And I didn’t get it straightened out today, and I have to go to Lexington tomorrow for that Nerve Conduction test. Hopefully, it’ll be straightened out by Wednesday.

  48. Back to the bank AGAIN….. turns out the women that set account up did it wrong. And I had to deal with her to day.

  49. it’s a beautiful day out there. sadly, the smoke from wildfires is coming along with breezes so the windows have to be closed. feeling bad for those who cannot get away from the fires/smoke. thanks

  50. I’ve got to check in at the hospital at 8 in the morning so heading to Wexford this evening. Trying to catch up on sleep.

  51. We have 2 doors that are opening a little wonky and the hinges look off so called our handyman and hopefully he will come today – never a dull moment!

  52. Feeling a little under the weather, so I slept in today–and slept, and slept, lol. I finally got up about 2:30. Geeze. Well, I was tired.

  53. Lazy day…………………. long nap …………………………………. going to do laundry later. And just maybe bed early 🙂

  54. I had my daughter’s bridal shower yesterday out in super hot weather. besides that, it went well. But a lot of work. I’m recovery from it today.

  55. My day is going pretty good just got in the door from doing some grocery shopping. I am getting real real sick and tired of this 100 degree weather every single day.

  56. It’s a lovely day here today – just right. We are looking forward to a visit from dear friends whom we haven’t seen for a couple of years.

  57. there’s a big race in the area so many of the roads around here are blocked off. up and out very early to get the errands run – accomplished. so now it’s tea time and watch the race from the window. thanks

  58. There’s a Vintage Car Rally here today. Lots of noise from way too early on a Sunday morning. It’s a day of rest folks, a day of rest! BE QUIET!!!

  59. Had a busy busy day…………… great niece (5) spend the day with me and her grandma. We had breakfast at IHOP and then to the park. We luck out there were about 10 kids there so she had fun. Then we stopped and had ice cream. ETC ETC ETC tired ready for bed

  60. I’ve been trying to find out if this area has any organizations that can provide info/resources for people in wheelchairs or otherwise disabled, but there seems to be nothing! I’ve only been around here for about 7 or 8 years, and I had never really had a reason to look before–but I’m fed up with the FTSB buses and the general lack of resources around here. I might need to start something, lol. The place I lived before, Somerset, wasn’t a big city or anything but we had a lot of organizations like that, community based resources. This town is very small, though, and doesn’t have a lot of that type of thing.

  61. My day is going so so lots of drama going on and I hate me some drama. I am going to try real hard to have a great day anyway.

  62. it’s a slow day – up later than usual this morning, lots of humidity, no breeze. moving slowly but will get the ‘chores’ done. thanks

  63. Just a day of deep cleaning my room as I won’t be able to vacuum etc. after surgery. Last night’s dream involved my paragliding off mountain tops.

  64. We had a stormy night with all the drama..thunder was loud – woke me up! Pouring rain right now so another coffee and relaxing with the pets…

  65. Management sent a notice around today that on the 23rd they will be having the parking lot re-striped. OK. But of course that’s the day I have to go to the doctor for a test and FTSB bus will have to pick me up with everybody here forced to park on the street–so that should be interesting. Will I have to roll halfway up the street just to get to the bus, lol.

  66. Two trips to comcast and one phone call to phone company ………. another problem solved for my mother

    Still having problems with the banking……………………………..

    Tired need a day of lots of naps

  67. Woke up early to find we’d no water! Texted landlady & her hubby (a builder) came over. It took him 10 hours but we now have hot & cold running water again! The landlady rang the nearest municipal swimming pool to see if they could help re. showers. They organised a bus, collected our 20 Ukrainian refugees & gave them all a free day at the pool, sauna, gym etc. plus lunch!

  68. Yesterday I almost finished weeding.. thank goodness.. today just to finish up and be done with that –

  69. Good swim with my friend, quick trip to the library, then to Circle K to get gas with my $.25 off a gallon win.

  70. I didn’t sleep well last night. Today is hot again and I am tired of the heat. I had errands to run to get things for my daughter’s bridal shower this weekend.

  71. I swear every time I open the door a fly flies in! And then it spends the next few hours dive-bombing me!! Honestly, one has been at it for over an hour. I’m sitting here with a fly swatter and that little troublemaker is about to get creamed!

  72. this day is going well. up and out early to do some shopping. now it’s time to clean this place (for which I’m extremely grateful). thanks

  73. I dreamt about cats & kittens last night so this is what I did AND YOU ARE NOT TO TELL A SOUL! I drove out to the new house & dug a hole by the hedge. Next week, on my way back from surgery, I’ll collect Idris and bury him there. I may be mad & legally I could be done for trespass but it just makes sense to me.

  74. Sitting here avoiding the inevitable of going out to weed! LOL… I wish veggies grew as well as weeds….

  75. At the bank again trying to get my mothers on line banking set up…….. OK got it works now

    Got home and is does not work. Talked to help line THEY set the account up work…………. so back to the bank tomorrow

  76. I swear, hand on heart, that Mum was in the room with me yesterday. Now I know I had a temp & was probably a bit delerious/dozing on & off all day but there she was in her old dressing gown & slippers. No stick or wheelchair in sight, as clear as anything and smiling.

    1. Fever dreams? I had all sorts of them when I had sepsis. I still remember a lot of them and had to ask about them when I was able because I couldn’t tell if they had really happened then, lol.

  77. regardless of the heat, it’s to stock up the freezer. so it’s a baking day here. love baking and sharing with the neighbours. thanks

  78. Well, not the day I planned. Was up late last night and set my alarm to get up and go swimming. The power went off sometime and my alarm did not go off. When I woke up it was too late to swim with my friend and I thought I’d swim anyway, but the power was still off and I didn’t want to try and get the garage door open without power. So I just went back to bed.

  79. I can’t believe my nephews have gone back to school already, and my niece starts college tomorrow. Soon it will be Fall and then Christmas…I’m getting way ahead of myself here, aren’t I?

  80. spend the day with great niece (5) we had late breakfast at ihop she had 3 dippie eggs and 2 orders of toast. And she surprised me by eating 6 bites of my french toast……….. and she liked it. We texted a picture to her mother who was shocked at the french toast eating. Then we shopped at walmart. She wants and wants from toy department but she is very good about YOU CAN HAVE THIS OR THAT . She saw a little sewing machine and wanted it so she could sew with mommy so we got it……………… and a few little dolls.

  81. It has been one busy day today. I had several appointments and lots of driving. I am home and tuckered out.

  82. I hope your hubby is feeling better, and that is a lot on you, hope you can get some self-care. We had a heat wave, wow, for days it was unbelievable! Then it got nice, you can almost feel fall in the air. It was so mild, I made a loaf of bread with whole wheat, rolled oats and molasses, and it is so good.

  83. My day has been good! We’re trying to pick out some new paint colors for our condo, and a Sherwin Williams consultant Facetime’d with me & was quite helpful!

  84. Had my 2nd booster shot yesterday & have felt really nauseous since then. Unless it’s my gall bladder flaring up again.

  85. My day has had it’s ups and down that’s for sure. One good thing though is that I got all my laundry done nice and early this morning.

  86. it’s going to be another busy day here – both at home and beyond. starting to cross things off the list. thanks

  87. It’s so much cooler today. Managed a couple of hours sleep but not enough so I’ll go for a nap after my walk.

  88. More heavy rain- can’t go out and work too bad so sad…have to stay in and study…before you know it classes will begin…

  89. Today was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be too. I’ve been binge watching Pretty Litte Liars on HBO Max. I love the mystery of the show. Feeling optimistic about life in general.

  90. Whew! What a day. Six loads of laundry taken care of, made some meals for an elderly neighbour to put in the freezer (some for me as well), and took care of a bunch of emails that needed dealing with. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight after a hot bath to apologise to my muscles for making them work so hard today.

  91. Had a lovely dinner for my birthday at my friend’s house. Fresh salmon, asparagus, baked potato and cake and ice cream for dessert.

  92. I need a good laugh. I’ve been feeling a little blue for too long, I think. I need to find something funny.

  93. it’s a lovely day here. had a visit with a friend who needed some assistance with a recipe. happy to help.

  94. good day breakfast with an old friend in town for a few days……… was so nice catching up with each other

    Our weather has cooled off just made 72 today rest of the week mid 70’s

  95. My day is going pretty good. I so taking it easy today and just staying home, cooking a little and watching some shows. I did a ton of running around during the week and I am worn out.

  96. Going ok just me and my husband chilling today,after watching my grand kids last night! They are like the energizer bunny so full of energy!!

  97. the day is going well. it took a while to sort out some bills and get them taken care of. time for a break and cup of tea. thanks

  98. A HUGE and I mean HUGE thunder storm last night and more due today. Thankfully it’s brought the temp down so I managed to get a couple of hours sleep, go for a walk, change sheets, do laundry, pay bills etc.

  99. Fun to be back at the Gardens and be a teacher’s assistant. It was a class about Air Plants and very interesting. I have another class in September. Used to do at least 5 or 6 classes a year.

  100. I have gas, lol. I mean the kind you get in your gut and it becomes uncomfortable…I just want to burp really loud and long, lol. Or, you know, fart…either way would be fine by me!!! Ugh. What happened to the days when I could live on cold pizza and soda and never even consider stomach issues?

  101. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some shopping. It was nice out there today not too many people and the weather is cooler today. Hope you have a great weekend.

  102. What a surprise – another tropical wave coming our way – Tobago will be hit first but we are right across from them only 26 mi so …….

  103. I swear, I’ve just been draggy and sleepy all day. Ugh. And now that it’s getting dark I’ll probably be wide awake, lol.

  104. Connie, Thanks for the birthday greetings that everyone had to copy and paste!
    97 degrees again today. Will be cooler next week.

  105. They were going to turn the water off in our building from 7 am – 1 pm today. Got up early had my shower full of energy but then I sat down. Then I leaned back in the recliner and 4 hours later I woke up……………. nice and relaxing and water back on

  106. I am having a pretty good day so far. The weather is cooler so that is nice. Hope you are having a nice Friday.

  107. it’s going well. the weather is good – no extremes so far. out early to run some errands and then have to start some outside garden work. thanks

  108. Maintenance came by to change the filter in the a/c. And that was about the biggest event of the day, lol.

  109. Good day trip to walmart when I was ready to check out looked outside and it was pouring rain!!! So I shopped a little more and yes I found more stuff to add to my cart. Temp has drop all next week in the mid 70’s

  110. Good swim with friends, then a quick trip to the library. 97 degrees today – TOO DARN HOT. (there’s a song about that “Too Darn Hot” is a song written by Cole Porter for his musical Kiss Me, Kate (1948) the year I was born)

  111. I have slept, showered and slept again all day. Idris the Wonder Cat is still with us! Yer man from the crematorium went to the wrong vet, picked up the wrong cat … I ‘ll sort it all out tomorrow!

    1. Idris is still alive???? Seriously?? If he is, then I’ll forgive the guy from the crematorium instantly.

  112. Just got in the door from a short drive to the store. Why does 87 degrees feel way hotter than it used to? Seriously, I was baking out there and am just now cooling off. Other than that my day is going pretty good got all my chores done this morning while it was still cool.

  113. Today is a mixed bag of emotions from 2 of my dearest friends.. one very sad. her husband of over 50 years passed and today is the funeral…on the other hand another dear friend has the celebration of her grandsons birthday who is autistic and doin amazing well enough to go out for the day and end it with a restaurant dinner….

  114. Made arrangements to do some shopping on Monday (have to do it 3 days ahead of time with the transport people and weekends don’t count.) Stormed a little earlier. I’m trying to stay positive, lol. But sometimes I’m just positive that I would like to start throwing stuff!

    1. Do it! My sis, back in the 80/90s lived with a self-made millionaire – huge house, 3 big dogs and feeling completely alone. She used to go to car boot sales to buy dinner sets then take out all her frustration by smashing them against a wall!

  115. great niece (5) spend the day with me. We painted a plaster owl and some rocks. Spend time with great grandma. Wore me out I will be crashing early and sleeping late

  116. Left here at 5am & got to the hospital 4 hours later – all went well. Next stop the pet crematorium to collect what’s left of Idris except it wasn’t him. The photos, tufts of fur were of a ginger cat. So, where the hell is he and who is this cat? Went to visit Mum & Dad’s grave, popped in to my sister, despaired at the state of my plants that she’s looking after and collected my post that has been sitting on her desk for more than 2 months – I’m too fecking tired & upset to get angry. Onwards to the storage facilities where I got what what I had on my list, then collected Idris’ bed etc.from the cattery and finally got back here at 7pm. What a bloody day! Oh, forgot to mention that we’re experiencing the hottest and driest August EVER!

    1. Good God! Are you kidding me??? Are they trying to straighten it out? Do they at least have some clue who might have gotten Idris???

    2. Oh Kate – take the day off today and try to calm and ground yourself…I am surprised that you didn’t have a migrane….

      1. Well hello stranger! I have remained v.calm. After all, Idris is no more & i’m a practical person. What worries me is who this other cat belongs to.

  117. My day is going better now that I made it home. I had to do some running around town today and had a woman pull right out in front of me I had to slam on the break to avoid hitting her really shook me up close call!

  118. the day is going – well? trying to sort out a long-standing commercial website problem. I feel like I’m a tennis ball going back and forth. so, one could say the day is ‘interesting’ so far. thanks

  119. I should be out in the garden – the day is starting out beautiful – all i want to do is sit here looking at houses in Corfu!!

    1. You do realise that Europe is on fire – drought -no water to irrigate fruit/veg so food shortages – no gas thanks to Putin – inflation sky high – businesses closing – tourist mayhem/airlines cancelling flights AND sales of tickets to try to clear the backlog – inflation running at 12%+- and war in Ukraine that’s affecting everything. Apart from that, you’re more than welcome!

  120. I was up way early in case the housing inspectors decided to come by here…so of course they didn’t. They never tell you which apartments they might actually inspect. In truth, I never saw hide nor hair of them, and I don’t think they were even on site. So, once again, I wasted the hours of 8-4 waiting on people who never show up.

  121. It has been one of “those” day where everything seems to go wrong. I tell ya it’s been one thing after another today and it has put me in a pissy mood. lol

  122. My mothers (93) finally gave in and asked for help in doing her bill paperwork. Trip to the bank and I am now signed on to her account and also doing her bills on line……………………….. A bit of a mess they are

  123. Too hot for comfort so doing as little as possible & staying indoors and organising myself for tomorrow’s early start.

  124. There’s not a lot going on today. I scheduled a few rides for doctor’s appointments later this month and did some house cleaning. That’s it.

  125. My day is going great. I had my final appointment at Wound Care after three years of trying to heal.

  126. Up at 7am. Tomorrow it’ll be 6, then 4.30 on Wednesday to get to Wexford for 9am. We’re heading into a week of high temps so I had my walk early.

  127. Need gas so trip to kroger pumps…………. had to get the attended to show me how to get my points they changed the system./ I had enough points to get .40 off per gallon. finally total $ 54.41 full tank

  128. I see some people have been able to get here, but I haven’t been able to get to this site for 4 days. Have no idea why.

  129. My day is going pretty good now that the power is back on! Our power went out this morning and I freaked out because it is going to be 102 degrees here today and we need our power on!

  130. It’s been a pretty nice day out there today, so far. It seems like rain blows up out of nowhere these days, so I’m not sure it’ll stay nice, lol.

  131. Emptied the car today so now I’m surrounded by plants once again. When I go for the pre-op I’ll bring back Idris, collect his stuff from the cattery, take flowers to Mum & Dad and collect some things from storage. I plan on bringing back 2 dehumidifiers, mop & bucket, tool box, axe, vacuum cleaner and some gardening things so I can get to work emptying & cleaning the house.

  132. Glorious Sunday – weather is perfect and drying out thank goodness…Decided to go shopping online today – my wardrobe needs quite a bit of help right now….

  133. It’s been a sort of restless day. I just have no idea what I want to do but I want to do something…lol. I have no idea what I want to eat but I want to eat something. That kind of day.

  134. Beautiful day almost 80 the wind feels and smells so good. Did a little crafting today started a project for great niece and painted part of it for her.

  135. My day is going pretty good so far. I have a little bit of a stomach ache but hope that will pass soon. Hope you have a great day.

  136. Filled the tank with petrol – dear God you could feed a family for a week on what it cost! I’ll check the oil, coolant etc. when it cools down a bit. I’ve got to leave here at 5am on Wed. so I’ll practise going to bed & getting up early from now to then.

  137. Family is funny – love them all …everyone is either much older than me or much younger ( first cousins) enjoyed the calls….

  138. just after midnight here so it’s the 6th. the temperature is staying quite high so it’s hard to sleep. thanks

  139. Lately it seems to rain at some point every day. But at least we don’t have the floods they are having in the eastern part of the state.

  140. The temp is down rained off and on all day. Nice breeze in my windows and the air smells so good. And I think I am feeling better

  141. I just got home from doing BIG grocery shopping and I am worn out! It just wears me out bagging everything putting in in the car, driving all the way home and then unloading it all and schlepping it into the house and then putting it all away. I am thankful that I am able to get groceries just needed to whine a little thanks for listening. Now off to wine a little lol!

  142. Brought most of my plants up to my room from the car. I plan on bring my vacuum cleaner, stepladder & tools etc. out of storage on the day I have my pre-op assessment.

  143. Having a good day! Packing for a quick weekend trip to the west Michigan lakeshore to visit with my mom!

  144. A definite inside day again today – plan on starting to go through the library and decide which books can be sold after I buy them as e-books. trying to find a shipping company here that sells boxes.. they all want to pack for you… not that far along and even so I always do my own packing..LOL

  145. Went back to Lexington today for another doctor’s visit-different doctor. Trying to figure out the issues still bothering me from the sepsis days. She agrees that most of them seem to have neurological problems behind them–sepsis attacked my nervous system at some point, obviously. Sepsis is an equal opportunity attacker, I guess. It attacked everything at some point, inside and out. I have numbness in various parts of my body: feet, right leg, lower back, left lower abdomen. It stands to reason that if those areas are numb, then inside has numb areas too that aren’t working like they should. The upshot is that I will have some test done on the 23rd that actually measures how your various nerves are firing, lol. I had never heard of it. EMG/Nerve Conduction Study is what it’s called. Hopefully it can help. She said in some cases you can get nerves to work again–it just depends on what happened to them and how bad the damage is. At least I’ll know.

      1. I’ll think about you while they are trying to zap me with electrodes or whatever they do, lol!!

  146. Feeling better one more day of pills to go!! Did a little shopping today found a few item at a discount store for great niece for Christmas. She loves crafting and they had some great back to school stuff .

  147. Delayed leaving for the shoppes until 9am but it really didn’t matter – at half 6 or 9 the rain was torrential…I did get all my errands done and the house is once again stocked to the brim…the next tropical wave is due tonight into Saturday!

  148. My day is going pretty good just fighting with my computer a little bit today. Also getting ready for the 100 degree heat to get here again.

  149. Idris will be cremated and I’ll collect his ashes when I go for the pre-op assessment. He’ll get to the new house after all. Went to check the house again on Tuesday & met a lady who lives just down the road. She showed me how to re-connect the water. It’s just a stopcock out on the road. That’ll save me having to wait for the water company to come out and save me money. Her husband switched the water off as the owner was afraid of a leak when she went to hospital.

  150. Well, my trip to the orthopedist in Lexington took forever. The actual doctor visit didn’t take too long, but the bus ride back, with about 4 drop offs and pickups, with houses way far out of the way, took almost 3 hours!! I got on that bus at about 4:30 and got home at 7:30. Anyway, eventually, the ankle will have to be fused, but not yet.

  151. Well the heat is back was around 90 down to 88 at this moment. Still not feeling great so just hanging out and doing nothing. Read a little sleep a little………… played on the computer a little

  152. it didn’t seem like a lot was done today but writing it down and looking at the list really tells the tale. thanks

  153. It’s been just honestly miserable here. I’m tired of the same lies and disrespectful crazy out of my so called boyfriend. Time to find a real man

  154. Idris The Wonder Cat is no more. They operated this morning & found a tumour in his gut that had spread to his lymph glands. I let him go.

    1. Sorry for you lost! Its a hard thing for you as a person to do BUT a blessing for our little one. Memories will help and make you smile.

    2. Oh, no. That breaks my heart. I hate that you didn’t get to spend these weeks with him. I am glad that he isn’t going to spend a long time in pain, suffering, though. As much as it must have hurt to let him go, it was right. But, I am sorry, Kate. I sound all over the place, but I didn’t expect this. I really thought he was probably just missing you.

  155. Nothing new here – another tropical wave # 25 on the way and right now we are in the midst of a heavy rain from the inter tropical convergence zone – spoke to my surveyor/lawyer and the decision about the sub-division will be done in 2 months time…

  156. WOOT,WOOT!!!! Thanks Connie for your picking bot picking ME for the $50 for July.
    Good way to start my day. Then a good swim with my friend.
    Except just now Twitter put me in jail for 3 days and I have NO idea why.

  157. The cat’s back at the vet. He has feline AIDS and an obstruction in his gut. More tests tomorrow. Posted the contracts back to solicitor for forwarding to the vendor.

    1. Well, I missed this yesterday because of my Lexington trip–which took forever. I’m so sorry, Kate.

  158. My day is going pretty good so far. I just made a huge potato salad and cooked up some hamburger for dinner later this evening. I like to cook it all in the morning so all we have to do is heat it up later on when it is super hot out so we don’t heat up the kitchen. I am so over summer come on fall.

  159. Starting to feel a little better pass ready to be over this cold. Going back into the 90’s by thursday I liked this cooler weather.

  160. My day is at least going better than yesterday. Our dog has been sick, but seems to be better today.

  161. Today is supposed to be a hot one but I will be working in air conditioning all day. I got a good night of sleep so I feel awake today!

  162. Well, my brother came by and turns out he had to get up and go pick up my niece last night about midnight in Lexington (about 30 minutes from here.) She had been out with her boyfriend and on their way back, she was hit by a drunk driver. My niece had the green light and when she started to pull into the intersection, the drunk driver (a woman) ran a red light and hit the front end of my niece’s car. My brother said he got there pretty fast and the police were still trying to get the drunk lady into the police car–she was fighting them and spitting on them (they eventually had to put one of those spit-guard things over her face. (sort of a hood type thing)–Then the drunk woman’s boyfriend showed up, equally drunk, and started fighting with the cops and they had to wrestle him to the ground and arrest him. Scary thing is if she had hit my niece’s car just about 3 or 4 feet farther down the side, she would have literally T-boned the car and heaven knows how bad it might have been. As it is, the car is still in Lexington because it’s not drivable. But everybody is okay.

  163. Visit to the PT who was pleased with how my new hip is working out. I’ve been doing all the exercises he prescribed for me. Then picked up groceries.

  164. Made pancakes for breakfast, got the house vacuumed, did 3 loads of laundry and my son came over for dinner. It was a very productive day.

  165. Had dr appointment this morning at 7:45 am after waiting awhile the nurse came back and ask WHY I had a appointment with Dr??? I said the front desk set it up I wonder but they should know what they were doing. So they check with the correct dept and managed to get me in I might have a little wait………….. I finally got done with 2 antibiotics prescriptions for my cold. Got back in my car at 10:15

  166. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing a little running around town. I was pretty quiet in town so that was nice now I am resting my bones.

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