32GB USB Flash Drive! Phones to PCs Review + Giveaway

Y’all know I get excited over technology type reviews. The Onite has me beyond GIDDY!! Cover your ears I intend to shout THE Onite 32GB USB Flash Drive IS SO COOL!!!!!!!

Some reviews literally write themselves. THIS is one of them!! The Onite is a USB Flash Drive; 32 GB! What has me dancing around like a crazy person is the fact that I moved all of my v-e-r-y slow Galaxy S4 phone to my computer AND external hard drive in less than 10 minutes. My phone is now as fast as the day I bought it!! SWWWWWEEETTTT!!!

I have a problem with photos. I take a LOT of them!!  I moved over 2000 (yeah, you read that correctly, two-thousand) photos to my external hard drive in under 10 minutes. My photos are safe and secure in my computer and external hard drive. Removing all of those photos and documents really made a huge difference in the phone. (I know.. I know…. duh!)  But, moving photos has been such a tedious task that, well, I didn’t!

Compatible Models

Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI, Galaxy SII I9100,I9103,9108, Galaxy SIII i9300, Galaxy S4 i9500; Motorola XOOM, TG01, Nokia N8, E7 etc. other Cell Phones and Tablet which support OTG Function.

The Onite is sleek looking. Super lightweight. Very compact and easy to take with me anywhere!! I’m giddy because I can grab all the photos from my daughters phone (also a Galaxy phone) no more transferring one at a time or beaming back and forth. Just a few moments and DONE!! The Onite is safe, reliable AND rewritable one million times, Not just rewritable but you can store data on it for 10 years!! You can even encrypt the entire disk or partition data encrypt your files.

Usage Tips

·Connect to mobile phone
1. USB disk connect to the phone until the USB icon appears, your phone has been connected to the USB disk.
2. After the connection, open the phone file manager, you will find SDA folder appears in the phone’s USB Storage folder. This SDA folder is USB disk space .
3. You can directly open SDA folders including the pictures, music, video and other files. You can also copy the things you need to the phone (folder management methods very from each devices).

·Connect to computer
1. Firstly USB disk connect to computer.
2. Then the operation is just like that of common USB disk.

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I am over the MOON giddy over my Onite!! This is the COOLEST GADGET EVER!! My phone is working faster!! My pictures are safe in my backup drive! Onite is fast and portable! Safe! What could I possibly whine about?!?!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own 32GB OTG USB Flash Drive!! Moving your files from your mobile phones to your computer will never be easier!! Good Luck!!



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