Vinyl Art Wall Decals From Timber Artbox

Cuteness Alert!!! Under the Sea Wall Decals!! So cute!! So easy to install too!!  I have created a place at the end of the hallway for all of the Grandkids toys. I found an adorable treasure chest toy box with a little vanity mirror. I fixed the area that is out of the way. But it wasn’t visually appealing; it was just down right blahhh!  I was offered the chance to review Under the Sea Wall Decals from Timber Artbox. OH MY GOODNESS these are super cute!!

The decals are not just adorable but super easy to apply. These are bright and colorful stickers that if you take your time and apply to a clean dry wall; they stay PUT!! I haven’t had any problems with the decals peeling off the walls. There are 48 different vinyl stickers on 2 sheets.  The stickers are also waterproof so they would be perfect in the kids bathroom!

I started placing the stickers and adding the bubble stickers. I was having so much fun with my design I forgot I was going to keep some for the Grandkids to do. Oh well, this NaNa had fun! The tot’s will just have to be so surprised when they see their toy area!!

Timber Artbox has other vinyl art decal designs available like these adorable Nursery Stickers with 106 stickers and the Planes and Balloons with 31 stickers!

What a fantastic way to décorate a room without harming the walls!! AND when the kids are bored with the current design, it’s easy to remove the stickers and add a new design!


I couldn’t be happier if I tried!! Applying the my Timber Artbox stickers couldn’t have been easier. The play area really came alive with the bright and colorful fish. I am thoroughly pleased!!

Timber Artbox Eli would like to request you design some dinosaur and dragon set. Please. Alice would like you to design a princess set.  Emma is happy with the fish. Thumbs up all the way around!!




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