360 Brand Car Dash Cam Beats Them ALL!!

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter And Whine for a while you know I’m obsessed with dash cams. Once I got mine, the entire family chimed in they wanted one too.  The 360 Brand Car Dash Cam is the one dash cam that I intend to keep for MYSELF!!

The 360 Brand not only is a 1080 Pixel camera but also has 165 Degree Wide Angle Lens and 3 Inch LCD display. The dash cam also sports night vision, and parking monitor. One of the most important features is the loop recording!

The camera arrives well packaged and with absolutely everything you need inside! I do mean absolutely everything!!

The cable is very long! Long enough to be able to hide the cord between the windshield and the roof. AND long enough to go under the glove box and to the center console. More to love? The tool that allows you to push the cord between the windshield and roof is included and super easy to use!! WOW! That was so easy!! No unsightly cords in my (very dirty) car.

Also included in the box is a 16mb MicroSD card! Seriously, these guys thought of everything.

PARKING MONITORING GUARD & EMERGENCY RECORDING: the Dash Cam will enter Park Mode after engine-turned off. Any external collision will be recorded. Press “Event” to initiate emergency recording mode. Easy to operate, fast to take video, “Event” will not be covered by loop recording.

There is an option to turn off the audio record, which you will hear in the video I forgot to turn on. I listen to my books on CD in the car. It’s the Eve Dallas “In Death” series if you are curious. By J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)

The 360 Brand camera has to be the easiest dash cam I’ve ever used. The date and time set up was amazingly quick and so easy!! The entire set up process was so quick! The buttons are marked along the bottom of the screen on the camera. dash cam

Even the window suction holder is easy to use and can be adjusted easily so you are assured the best angle for your videos.

More to love is the fact you can download an app to your phone and you can see a live feed from the camera.

The 360 Brand has an ambarella A12A55 chip and aptina AR0238 image sensor, a full-featured APP function and E-HDR technology. Which means the video recordings are crisp and clear! Day an NIGHT!!

Even MORE to love?!
You can buy the 360 GPS module to enhance the functions of the camera. Including the ability to add radar detection functionality!!


I don’t have any whines about this camera. It was so easy to set up. The video is super clear.  Along with great additional downloads like GPS what is there to whine about?!



  • Rosie

    This is pretty nifty. I don’t have a car, but I have been making a list of everything that I would want/need if I get one, and a car cam is on the list for sure. So many thefts and also to help document an accident. I am starting to realize how tech challenged I am, if you haven’t been using much tech for 20 years it is really hard to catch up!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m just thinking that all these extra gadgets in the car make it even more tempting to the burglar.

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