LimeApple ROCKS Girls Activewear!!

Valentines Day Pick 2015

Are you looking for expertly made, quality clothing that will LAST until your girls are to big for the items??!!? Then you have to check out LimeApple; one of my favorite companies for girls clothing. Each and every piece of LimeApple clothing that Emma and Alice own has been washed dozens and dozens of times and look exactly the same as the day they arrived. As a matter of fact they come out of the drier looking brand new!  LimeApple clothing gets handed down from Emma to Alice and looks BRAND NEW!! I LOVE that!!!  Alice in turns hands down to a family friend looking equally as new. What other clothing do your daughters own that live through ONE child let alone 3!!! And still look new for number four!!

These new pieces make me want to be a young lady again!! I want BOTH of these pieces!! I’m putting in a request; LimeApple what about Mother/Daughter pieces?!?! Okay more like Granddaughter/NaNa pieces.  Starting with these two jackets!! PLEASE!?!


This hoodie is so FUN, colorful and warm!! I LOVE everything about this Come On Out ASYM hoodie!! Talk about HIGH quality performance activewear AND stylish too!! I love the shawl neck and color blocking details.  Asymmetrical zipper and thumb holes in the sleeves to keep little hands warm. I swear Alice never wants to take it off!! Notice during quiet time we even wear the hoodie!

I apologize for the photographs. Alice has that flu that is going around and well, the last thing she wants is her picture taken.

  • Long slim fit with full zip front make it perfect for layering
  • 4 way stretch construction allows for maximum mobility and comfort while maintaining shape of garment
  • Moisture wicking technology keeps you dry, cool and comfortable
  • Thumbholes on sleeves for cozy hands and prevents bunching
  • Roomy hood amps up the cozy factor when there’s a chill in the air
  • Pre-shrunk & made to give a perfect fit wash after wash
  • Comfortable flat seams to prevent irritation
  • Front zipper pocket to hold items in securely
  • Pilling resistant fabric keeps the garment looking new, year after year


The name of this hoodie fits to a T!!! This is the most cuddly hoodie!! It’s like a big ole comfy blanket with sleeves!! Alice loves to wear this jacket and just hug herself. This hoodie is so incredibly soft. PERFECT for the colder days we’ve been having. This is Alice’s go to jacket. It looks so absolutely adorable with jeans or leggings. Oh what am I saying? This hoodie is perfect no matter what Alice wears!! It goes with EVERYTHING!! The perfect shade of light pink! The Cuddle Bubble Hoodie comes in tons of great colors too. From bright fuchsia to emerald green and everything in between.

Again, Alice has been sick for 2 weeks. So, the pictures aren’t that great, but trust me! THIS is an awesome hoodie! Awesome SOFT, cuddly hoodie!

  • Incredibly soft feel for ultimate comfort
  • Semi-fitted with full zip front makes it perfect for layering
  • Thumbholes on sleeves and soft inner layer trap heat in to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Roomy hood amps up the cozy factor when there’s a chill in the air
  • Taping around the back of neck and zipper to reduce irritation
  • Pre-shrunk & made to give a perfect fit wash after wash
  • Front pockets to hold anything from cell phones to lunch money
  • The only question is which color to choose!


Not a single one! These are expertly made jackets that will be handed down for YEARS!! Two very enthusiastic thumbs way, way, way UP!!

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  • cheryl lister

    I would like that pink hoodie for myself! Looks so soft and comfy, but I guess it’s better suited for my grand daughter.

  • Tamra Phelps

    These are really cute! I love that they have lots of bright colors & clothes with different textures like the pink jacket. Kids love that!

  • Rosie

    These are soooo cute and comfy looking – I can see why there are no whines – and getting these as a hand-me-down would seem great! I was older than my sisters but the runt of the litter, so I had the curse of getting my little sisters’ hand-me-downs!!! Not nice like these!!

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