IBSound’s Lightweight Canvas Backpack Review

We are almost at the half way mark for the school year and most backpacks are starting to look pretty haggard and frayed. I have a canvas backpack to share with you today from IBSound. This backpack will last the entire year and then some! I watch 3 year old Alice during the week at my daughters house (did I mention DH is retired?! Like home 24/7!?) going back and forth between houses with my ‘let’s teach the kid gear’ and my review items to test well, I carry a LOT of stuff!! I have absolutely everything I need in this backpack including my day planner, iPad, book, 2 magazines, 2 up coming review items, a light jacket, a scarf, camera, phone, art project for the kid, glasses, a partridge in a pear tree… Okay maybe not the partridge but tons of other little things!! I still have room people!! It’s not full!!! I keep adding more things just because I can! Well, that and trying to see how much it takes to get the backpack FULL!

The IBSound canvas backpack has a very bohemian chic look and feel to it. I absolutely LOVE the embroidered stitching on this khaki colored, canvas backpack. All of the elements work perfectly together!!

The IBSound canvas backpack is large; 17.7″ high and 11.2″ wide and 6″ thick. All of that and it’s light weight as well! UNDER a pound!!


There are 2 side pockets; perfect size for water bottles. The front of the backpack has a large zippered pocket that holds my large wallet, pencils, pens, and well a ton of other things. Inside there are MORE pockets!! On one side there is a large zipper pocket I keep all of my charging cords, chargers and MORE! Other side has 3 sewn in pockets. I keep my cell phone, camera and glasses in the third pocket. (Look at me being all organized!!)

The straps are padded. REALLY Padded. This backpack is comfortable to wear for long periods! I can’t wait to try it when we camp in Yosemite this year. The back (what goes against your back) is also padded, comfortable to wear and cushioned for your laptop! Heavy duty, double zipper with leather pulls make it easy to open all pockets.


Nope! Not a single one! I can carry everything I need for the day in ONE very chic, roomy backpack. It’s perfect!! I think the IBSound is perfect for ALL age groups and both men and women. I’m thrilled with the amount of things that my new backpack holds. I can even carry my laptop if I want!

Available in Khaki, Blue and Pink.




  • Connie

    My daughters love the bohemian look so they would probably love the look of this backpack. They like plenty of room but don’t want it looking bulky. I think this one would work really well for them.

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