Homemade Holiday Gifts to Stuff in Your Stocking

Homemade Holiday Gifts to Stuff in Your Stocking

Each Christmas season, many of us look forward to the traditions associated with the holiday, such as buying the tree, hanging ornaments, and lighting up the roof. In particular, children are curious about the tiny gifts that they receive in their stockings — candy, small puzzles, and stationery are generally good ideas. But what if you gave your child a 3D-printed holiday toy, such as a snowman, funny Christmas glasses, or a miniature train? Then, when it came time for the big presents, you could unveil the 3D printer and explain to the kids that they could print their own ideas, too. For an inquisitive child, getting the family a 3D printer for Christmas could spark their fascination for engineering and design. Below, you’ll find a selection of holiday gifts that can be made with a 3D printer, ranging from stocking stuffers to beautiful decorations.

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  • Rosie

    This is a cool idea! I like to make gifts and it is a year-round activity. I wonder if a 3-D printer is going to be like having a cricut!!!

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