Australia’s Top Video Games

Australia’s Top Video Games


Australians, like many across the world, love playing video games. The southerly continent is the 13th highest nation in the world in terms of gaming sales, this helped along by Australia’s 11.1 million gamers, cumulatively creating an industry worth $1.1 billion in total. Despite draconian and somewhat backward classification laws that have resulted in a huge number of titles (available in most other markets) being censored or pulled from the shelves entirely, Australia’s gaming scene is an engaged one, and as with any proactive community there are some titles that the majority of Australian gamers adore.

L.A Noire

As one of the top games of this decade, L.A Noire, set in Los Angeles in 1947 and with a crime-based plot pulled straight from early twentieth century film noir flicks, is a true Australian export. Developed by Team Bondi, an independent game developer that was located in Sydney until its administration in August 2011, the game was a massive success thanks to its intricate plot and excellent use of facial motion capture technology.

Call of Duty

Gamers love tech more than any other group, so it comes as no surprise that they’re pretty engaged with twitter, posting about their favourite titles. In 2014 the most tweeted title among Australians was Call of Duty, thanks to the game’s exciting, cinematic war fighting game play experience. At number two and three on the rankings were GTA V and Battlefield 4, showing that Australian gamers are just as obsessed with the titles that the majority of people in the world also adore!


Much like many other internet-enabled countries in the world, the online gaming craze has spread to Australia like wildfire, gamers loving the ability to play slots, poker and roulette from their tablets and smart phones, against real people across the world. As a native of down under, is Australia’s true gaming site, offering a huge variety of games for customers including Australia’s favourite casino games; Pokies! The site also offers bonus deals for its customers that are priced in Australian dollars, meaning no tedious working out of exchange rates, and can be both downloaded and played in-browser, meaning you can play wherever you are, be it central Sydney or the depths of the outback!

Fractured Soul

Indie games are all the rage these days, gamers simply loving the cheap, fun and deceptively simple titles. Fractured Soul which, strangely for an indie game, is played on a Nintendo 3DS, is a well regarded indie game from Australian developer Endgame Studios. In the game players must use their minds, and both screens, to battle evil robots and solve puzzles in an exciting, dystopian Sci-Fi world.


Another indie game, produced by Australia’s Surprise Attack Games, Particulars is a well written, heartfelt game where players play a physicist who is transformed into a quark (a subatomic particle). During the game players float around solving puzzles and meander around the subatomic soup that surrounds us all, trying to find a way to regain the physicist’s corporeal form.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    This is interesting. I wonder why Australia has such strict video game laws? Anyway, L.A. Noire sounds really interesting to me. I need to check it out.

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