Handwrytten Notes!

Y’all know me. I write like I talk. I tend to get ALL excited! I YELL, I also tend to ramble and make dramatic pauses….. In my head I imagine little characters like Miss Spell Check running around with her arms flailing about screaming “she doing it again!!” “she doing it again!!” There is mad choas, arms are flailing, there is screaming, she and Mr. Punctuation are knocking into each other. It’s mayhem! (BTW the Mayhem commercials are my favorite! Ahhhh to be inside my brain for 10 minutes!!!)

I, of course, pay no nevermind (as always).

However, the spelling in the title of this post was on purpose! Handwrytten is a real company! One that automatically send birthday cards! Now THAT my friends is a brilliant idea.

Growing up I was blessed with an amazing Grandma.  Grandma Jones. (Quick question, why did we use their last names AND NOT first names? Seems so formal now that I’m a G’ma) Anyway, as I was saying my Grandma was awesome! Half of the year she lived with my family in Colorado, the other half she lived with my Uncle in California.

Being the oldest (AND 1st grandchild) Grandma and I were very close. I learned so much from her.


My Grandma taught me to make a killer lemon meringue pie. (I gotta say my pie crusts ROCK!) She taught me to make Brandy Sauce that will knock yer socks off. She taught me to clean up my mess after cooking or baking. As a matter of fact I have an entire recipe box of handwritten recipe cards from Grandma. At the bottom of each recipe is written “Now clean up your MESS!! Constance! (Constance when I was/am in trouble. Yes, as a matter of fact I am called that a LOT!)

Grandma Jones taught me to cross stitch, crochet and do crossword puzzles, prune a rose bush and so very much more.  She truly is my inspiration when I’m with Alice. I want her to remember me as vividly as I remember time with MY Grandma.

Truly one of the MOST important things she taught me was writing a letter. While Grandma Jones was in California she was the queen of letter writing. Grandma IMMEDIATELY sent a return letter when I wrote. Grandma ALWAYS included money in her letters. It didn’t matter if my note said “Hi Grandma, how are you? I am fine. I love you, Connie” or was 5 pages long. Grandma answered every question.  Added news about bugs she saw or a funny shaped cloud. AND ALWAYS included money. (Yeah, we all know the whole reason I wrote often… show me the money!) Grandma was smart, she knew that, but she didn’t care, it worked. After I grew up and had a home of my own, Grandma added our house into the ‘living with’ mix. I am SO lucky, because even MY kids have great memories of Grandma Jones.

I have tried everything to get Alice to embrace the letter writing tradition.  Nope, she ain’t havin’ it. Money? Nope. T-shirts? Nope. So basically ANYONE OTHER THAN ALICE, loves getting a card or letter in the mailbox.

Now you know me, I love me some Internet. Being able to FaceTime or Duo with Alice throughout the year keeps me sane. I miss that kid like crazy when we aren’t together. (Yeah, yeah, yeah my kids too…) Anyway I think all this new fangled technology has a few draw backs. Well, maybe just one. The handwritten note. A handwritten birthday wish, a sincerely written sympathy letter. Anything that has to be sent via the USPS. Bills don’t count, because as cute as the handwritten ‘have a wonderful day’ note is they only write back when they want money.

Imagine being able to automatically send a birthday card (gift card too if you want) BONUS you can use YOUR REAL handwriting! Or you can pick a hand writing style that matches your personality.

I know that going to the store looking for a card, post office for stamps, writing in the card and (for me anyway) remembering to actually MAIL THE CARD WHEN ITS TIME!! During our move to Idaho I found cards filled out and stamped for people that are NO LONGER WITH US!! AUGHHHHH

Handwrytten takes all the work and forgetfulness out of the equation  with a handwritten personalized card.

I can’t even tell you how much I love this. Now, where is my address book??


  • Debbie P

    There is nothing like hand written notes, letters, cards and especially thank you notes! And I think in today’s society it really needs to be brought back.

  • gloria patterson

    Great memories of your grandma. Never wrote to mine it was just not something we did. I remember way back writing to family and friends all the time. sometime just a card that said I love you. But today just don’t do it.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I find old cards, addressed and ready to mail, like that, too, Connie. It drives me nuts. Handwrytten sound s like a clever idea.

  • Piroska

    Your grandma sounds like a wonderful person. I had a grandma like that, too. I only got to have her around for 5 years, then I moved from Switzerland to Canada.
    She wrote letters, but less and less, the older she got. I would answer her back (with the help of my mom, because it was always in German.)

    I do miss getting real handwritten letters. It’s a lost art.

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