The Hit Of Day Camp Thanks To Cricut!!

Agua Hedionda LagoonOne of the best parts of living in Southern California are the unique opportunities that are available to kids. Aqua Hedionda Lagoon is one of them.  6-year-old Alice spent last week at Lagoon Camp with her favorite Miss Julie. This is the 3rd summer that Alice has participated in Lagoon Camp and let me tell you Miss Julie and Alice have a very special bond. Even though they don’t see each other for a year!! A YEAR! They still know each other by sight and share a true, heartfelt hug as soon as they lock eyes! Where are you going to find a camp councilor that has that much heart?! No where except Miss Julie at Aqua Hedionda! It also proves my point that Alice is unforgettable!

Since I knew this camp was so special to Alice I decided to create a custom made t-shirt for each day of the week with my Cricut Machine. I know, I know!! Any excuse to use my machine; even Tuesday works. (cover your ears) I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I tell you this at least once a week, I just can’t help myself. When the projects are completed I stand back and think………. HOLY MOLY! I MADE that!!!! And it was EASY!!!! The project go from computer screen to t-shirt in minutes!! AHHHHH LOVE this MACHINE!!!!

Day one: Pink t-shirt with “LAGOON Camp Mode” in glitter vinyl. Alice pretty much keeps the glitter vinyl companies in business. EVERYTHING has to be glitter!! (Is she my Granddaughter or what!?)Cricut Machine made tshirtDay two: Black t-shirt with “Princess in cut out of “hiking boots”

Seriously, how cute is that face!??!
Camp t-shirt

Black t-shirt with copper, pink and silver glitter vinyl. My Cricut machine makes it super easy design my shirts, moving text, mixing texts, adding graphics. So easy!!! Next time I use the crown graphic I think I will make it smaller so it fits on the first letter a little better.

Camp Tshirt

Day three: Aqua colored t-shirt with red, silver and brown glitter vinyl. Seriously, I doubt there is a t-shirt I’ve made without glitter vinyl. This particular t-shirt Alice said “NaNa, write this down” okay, so the kid knows me! I can’t remember anything anymore!!! So, word for word this is Alice’s creation.

Hey PEOPLE I have an idea…… let’s HIKE ALREADY. Day Camp tshirtDay four.  Which is really my favorite. Bright red t-shirt. Done with gold, copper, and a black sparkle vinyl that REALLY pops! Circuit’s black sparkle vinyl is my FAVORITE vinyl. camp t-shirtPer request from Alice there are ‘poop’ emojis on the sleeve and hem of the t-shirt. How adorable did the deer and bunny come out?!?!  Next time I create something with the deer or bunny I will add the outline to make them stand out a little more. day camp tshirt ideaThe final t-shirt. Orangish pink t-shirt with gold, copper, pink and SILVER glitter vinyl.

Day Camp Diva.  I don’t sweat I SPARKLE! Day camp tshirt idea

Alice’s t-shirts were the hit of day camp.  The Non got big hugs. It was a great week all the way around!!

MAN! I love my Cricut machine!!! Next up? I’ll be decorating coffee mugs!

This post does contain affiliate links for Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own. This is an amazing machine!!


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