5 Great Projects That Use Wide-Format Printing

If you haven’t employed a wide-format printer in your workplace or home space, take time to consider what it can do for you, your business, or your pastimes. Wide-format printers are great for producing large printed products quickly and easily and make a clear and striking impression on the viewer or reader. The format is probably most popular for turning out big full-color posters and the like. However, it’s good for many purposes. Here are five great projects that use wide-format printing

Posters and Signs

Wide-format printing has historically delivered eye-catching posters and signs. Think big! Many wide-format printers can print projects on sheets of paper or film that are 100 inches wide (and sometimes wider). But posters and signs may require you to print out an image in tiles to create a massive work of advertising or art. You can cover a wall or walls or even turn an entire room into an immersive experience with a little bit of design know-how and a lot of ink and paper!

Vehicle Graphics

Want to add some snazziness and pizzazz to your company or personal vehicles? Wide-format printing can enable you to create signage and vehicle wraps, stickers, and decals to beautify cars and trucks and boost your message as you drive around town. Check with your printer about the best way to accomplish this since different machines work with different papers, films, and other materials.

Window Clings

You may be getting ready for the holidays and need to promote a sales or service. Or you may simply want to give your house’s or apartment’s windows seasonal appeal. In either case, you can use wide-format printers to create window clings, decals, and other decorative elements. You can make a winter wonderland or a sizzling warm-weather scene. Dedicate, commemorate, and celebrate special times through sized-up verbiage and images in your windows and doors!

Photographic Backdrop

You may have a big trade show coming up, plan to promote yourself at a community event, or want to provide a fun commemorative photo at a party or other celebration. If so, you can design and print out an appropriate photo backdrop. A big backdrop decorated with the right images, your logo, and the time, date, and location of the event will provide plenty of happy memories for your clients and participants. At the same time, it’ll provide ongoing advertising throughout the year if they display their photo in their home or office space.


Here’s the last of our five great projects that use wide-format printing. Cutouts use two-dimensional printing to create three-dimensional illusions. Life-size cutouts of people, pets, and fictional characters are always a hit, especially as gifts and for photo ops. Cutouts can also bring outdoor scenes indoors or recreate imaginary places in real spaces. Let wide-format printing help your imagination soar!


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