Cricut Helps Wrap Up Summer Fun!!

Six-year-old Alice and her BFF Ashley have one final week of summer fun before school starts and Ashley heads back up north to school. So, what better way to end the summer than a trip to LEGOLAND California in MATCHING T-shirts?!!
Not just matching T-shirts, but ones that Ashley actually drew herself. Taking the picture that Ashley drew for Alice and scanning it intCricut Idea Image BFFso the computer I created the iron on’s for their matching T-shirts.

How adorable is this design?!?!  Alice had it tacked up on her wall for the longest time before it hit me, I could actually make the girls t-shirts from this drawing!

So, y’all know that I feel the need to share my creative side when I am especially pleased with myself and this is one of those times!!

After scanning the picture you upload to Cricut Design Space there are 3 options once you upload your picture to help you clean up the picture. Remove area’s that you don’t want to show

Once I was pleased with the image clean up I moved it to my virtual mat. I sized the design how I wanted it.

Load your mat with the color vinyl you want.  Position your vinyl PLASTIC SIDE DOWN and vinyl side up. There is a layer of sticky plastic that will be peeled away. It’s the shinny side. So again that’s shiny side down. Then make sure you mark the box with MIRROR image or your design will cut backwards. (been there done that tooo many times already! So be sure to pay attention to those two details!)

After much trial and error in weeding (picking out the solid parts of the design) my favorite tool is set of needle nose tweezers is the greatest!! Weeding has never been so easy!

I have to admit I am giving serious thought to printing from the KIDS font area in Cricut Design space the A + A = BFF’S because the finished vinyl is very hard to read.

In the end I opted to keep the original design. It’s not my art work and not my t-shirt.  I have to admit these came out ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing!!! You guys!! Cricut has come out with a new machine called Cricut MAKER. OH MY GOSH!! If you thought I was insane over my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine; this one has me screaming like the 12 year old me watching Elvis on television! (Okay, who are we kidding the 59 year old me as well! I mean it IS Elvis!!)

Cricut releases the all-new Cricut Maker yesterday August 22!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!

Cricut Maker Machine
It handles fabrics, leather, and balsa wood with effortless precision. Cuts sewing patterns in just a few clicks. And places more creative possibilities than ever at your fingertips. Meet Cricut Maker – the ultimate smart cutting machine.

I noticed today when I was creating back to school t-shirts for Alice that there are Simplicity Patterns programmed into the Cricut Design Space already!!  I’m so excited that there are No patterns needed!! THIS MACHINE CUTS (sorry, I know I’m yelling but I’m so excited!!) the design out AND marks it!! NO physical pattern is need!!! NO pinning!!  The hardest part, the most boring part of sewing is done for you!! Y’all have GOT to see this in action!!

Cricut Maker Machine

I have a ton of sewing projects going thru my mind right now!!! Just looking at the picture makes me feel more creative!!!

I’m back to screaming and dancing! I NEED this new machine!!

While this is not a sponsored post from Cricut, I will benefit if you purchase a Cricut Machine.



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