What the Color of Your Car Says About Your Personality

Everyone has a preference when it comes to color. Many like to pick out clothes or even appliances and electronics in their favorite colors. Choosing the color of your car is a common thing that shoppers experience, but it may prove to be more reflective of who you are than it appears on the surface. Today, we’ll look at what the color of your car says about your personality and how you appear to others.

Primary Colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow

People who drive cars with primary colors often have loud, vibrant personalities. They bring an aura of happiness and good energy wherever they go and may be reluctant to admit that they enjoy the attention. Some people think those who drive red cars are cool, while blue car drivers are more laid back, and yellow car drivers have a sunny disposition.

Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, and Purple

red convertible The secondary colors aren’t as common when it comes to cars, but people who drive around in these colors are usually creative and expressive individuals. These people go out of their way to appear different from the crowd without making loud, bold statements.


White is one of the most common colors but usually exhibits a fondness for minimalism and a focus on the bigger picture. Many who wonder if they should buy a white car find themselves in situations where they can think beyond the initial picture and examine the finer details. White may be simple, but it’s anything but boring.


Darker shades, especially black, are car colors that can say a lot about your personality. People who drive darker cars often have a fixation on power and control. Darker shades are common choices for people in positions of authority from managers to CEOs. People looking to command an aura of respect may choose black or dark blue for their vehicles.


Silver car drivers can get along with anybody. Silver is very much the jack of all trades color. You like to explore different options and not tie yourself down to any one ideal. People with silver cars are often comfortable with who they are and are good at maintaining lasting friendships and relationships. They may find themselves sticking with silver for a long time when it comes time for them to get a new car.


Brown and tan cars aren’t as commonplace as they once were. People who drive these cars usually have an appreciation for the more traditional things in life. They have very friendly and down-to-earth personalities that make them easy to get along with. They appreciate vintage things and may miss the days when cars had woodgrain patterns on the side.

What the color of your car says about your personality can add some personalization to your overall aesthetic. What does your car say about you?


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