The Mazda5 Grand Touring Review


I loveeeeeee my job!! Last week I drove one of the coolest Minivans E-V-E-R!! Check out the 2015 Mazda5 Grand Touring. This minivan looks so compact from the outside but open the door and WOW there is so MUCH ROOM!!

Starting with the outside design. This van is sweet!! I love the wave look to the side. SO SLEEK looking!!

With an EPA-estimated 21/28 mpg city/highway, the Mazda5 gets excellent fuel economy for the class. Personally I got 26 mpg. I drove everywhere; being in Southern California we are talking a LOT of stop and go driving so I was thrilled with the miles per gallon.

The Mazda5 drives like a dream with tight turning radius and so easy to maneuver! This van drives like unlike any minivan I’ve ever driven! This van has the smoothest ride. I’m blown away at how comfortable the ride is. Bumpy roads? NOT in the Mazda5. Seriously smooth and comfortable ride.

The 2015 Mazda5 is a four-cylinder engine, I found it gave me more than enough power, even with a car load of passengers.

The Interior. WOW like I said before; there is a LOT of room. Once you are inside this minivan feels like a full size van.

From the driver seat there are so many great perks. USB port within easy reach from the driver seat. The Grand Touring comes with automatic climate control with pollen filter! Of course my favorite in any car is the heated front seats!  Even the power windows are cool, with a very responsive one touch up and down driver’s side feature.

All of the necessary controls on the steering wheel like answering phone, cruise control and volume controls. The Mazda5 has dual power side mirrors with integrated turn signals, which I think is one of the best safety features on an automobile. I wish my CRV had them.


The Mazda5 is a 6-passenger van with THREE ROWS of seating!! THREE!! And everyone has plenty of room! I took a trip to the San Diego Zoo along with my daughter and 3 grand-kids. All three car-seats installed easily with the seat anchors. But, the really impressive part?? None of the kids were close enough for that ‘he’s touching me’ fight. Everyone had plenty of room!!

The middle row of seating is really cool!!  From the fact that they are sliding captain’s chairs with fold-down arm rests. Pull up the seat in that middle row for some great storage! That’s where the headsets and game controllers are stored. The other seat has a cup holder and tray. Under the tray? More storage!!

The third row of seating has a 50/50 split fold-down seat-back. Both back rows of seating have great visual access to the DVD screen. When you’re traveling with 3 kids that are 6 years old and under; THAT is important!!

I think my favorite feature is the double sliding rear doors. MAN I love that feature!!! It made getting kids out of car-seats so easy!!!

Standard features in the six-seat 2015 Mazda5 include a six-speaker audio system, an auxiliary audio input, a USB port and automatic climate control.


Although I love a car with a DVD player; this particular DVD player hangs down so low that it makes using the rear-view mirror very difficult.  Now with that being said this DVD player has MAJOR perks!! From 2 wireless headsets included to a GAME CONTROLLER!! Yes, you read that correctly. You can play video games with this system.

IMG_1000My next whine is the fact this minivan doesn’t have a back-up camera. I am thoroughly spoiled; I haven’t driven a car without a back-up camera in so long it took some getting use too. I know it’s a little thing, but I really missed it.

Since I’m whining; theIMG_1009 gas gauge is in a really odd place. The gas light came on while I was driving because it’s sorta hidden.

The first picture is the view you have when you are driving. If you lean forward and past theIMG_1010 steering wheel you’ll see the gas gauge.







Overall, this was a FUN car to drive! It drives beautifully. The ride is comfortable. The contemporary design of the exterior is very cool! There is plenty of room for storage and people. Plenty of headroom for everyone.


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  • Carol S.

    Those seats look so comfortable. And look at all the room, very nice. I like how the guages are so easy to read also. Bet you two had lots of fun cruising in that!

  • Lydia Marks

    Thanks for the review it was really helpful. Personally I am not a fan of this car but some of its features that you mentioned were interesting. 🙂

  • Dee Lafrenz

    I love that the back doors open from both sides not just one. The window in the roof, I have an ear problem, wind causes ear pain, The roof windows don’t blow directly into your ears, and they don’t cause ear aches. The only thing I would change is the rear view camera, I have a herniated disc in my neck and I cannot fully turn. The camera really help.

  • Angelica

    I looked at one of these at the dealership a few years. It was soo awesome! It looks more like a hatchback than a mini-van to me, which is a great plus! Though my hubby just kept saying… that IS a mini-van… you’re deluding yourself.. but I like it anyways!!! It’s super cute and has so many awesome features!! I think it’s a.. mini.. mini-van. 🙂

  • Donna Martin

    This is a unique vehicle. For commuting to work, carrying model airplanes, taking the dog out to the park, this may be all I need.

  • Rosanne

    I’m particularly fond of the 2 wireless headsets included to a game controllers. These would keep the kids occupied on long distance trips.

  • Sarah L

    I would think that a backup camera would come standard on these cars. So much safer. Good that the 3 kid carriers didn’t touch each other. ‘Mom! she looked at me’ is still possible.

  • Debbie Snell

    This looks amazing, so roomy yest well laid out in the sense that a lot of though has gone into eh position of the seats and leg room. I would love your job. Exciting stuff

  • Tamra Phelps

    It does have a nice look. The wave on the side gives it slightly unique look, which I appreciate in an era when so many vehicles look the same. That is a weird place for the gas gauge. The gas gauge should always be visible to the driver. They should think about tweaking that!


    We call them people carriers here in Ireland & I’ve driven a few for work but this one is the best looking I’ve seen in a while. Alice certainly looks like she’s enjoying herself! Shame about the fuel guage but then again if you can afford to buy this you can afford to always have a full tank!

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