My Dinosaur is More Awesome! Book Review

MORE books!! Alice’s face LIT up when I told her we had more books to review! Today’s book is My Dinosaur Is More Awesome! This book just came out on March 3, 2015. Written for ages 3 to 5 years old.

Written and Illustrated by Simon Coster.

This is such a CUTE book!!  I love books that encourage more! By more I mean a story that keeps Alice talking about the book AND making up her own pages.

When Joel and Olivia sit down to dinner, with two of their favorite dinosaurs, Olivia can’t help but point out that her dinosaur is better. Olivia’s dinosaur can play the trumpet while riding her bike, and her house is in the shape of a rabbit. Her dinosaur can make her own jam, and she even eats electric eels. But Joel’s dinosaur can swim like a shark, and his teeth sometimes glow in the dark. And he’s really good at jumping and sliding on his knees, he has x-ray vision, and he’s not afraid of bees. Of course, with so many impressive qualities, it’s hard to say which dinosaur is really better, but things get even trickier when a third dinosaur joins them at the dinner table. What could be more fearsome than a dinosaur that once ate a volcano and wears slippers the color of rainbows?

Joel and Olivia give example after example why ‘their’ particular dinosaur is better. Then that third person shows up with why their dinosaur is better. After we finished the book Alice turned to me and said “NaNa, my dinosaur is better because it eats broccoli” My dinosaur is better because she eats oranges!  For the next 15 minutes Alice and I tried to top each other.  I said pool, Alice countered with Ocean. I LOVE that she countered with relevant items.

My Dinosaur had both Alice and I laughing throughout the entire book!

Alice didn’t even want to put the book down for pictures! Or stop reading and looking at the pictures so that I could get a better shot of her and My Dinosaur Is More Awesome! THAT’s how good this book is!! When a 3-year-old doesn’t want to put it down.

Simon Coster is a largely self-taught artist who loves to experiment with a wide range of styles and genres. Although he paints mainly for recreation, his work has always drawn interest and has been exhibited and sold. This is his first children’s book.

My Dinosaur Is More Awesome! Is a fun book that is not only imaginative but keeps kids using their imagination long after the story is over. The illustrations are so FUN!! Bright and detailed.


Oh my gosh, not a single one!! This is an adorable book. Alice loves it! Requests it! Talks about it! Can’t get a better recommendation than that!!



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