Surviving Your Family Vacation

Your family vacation is something to look forward to – you deserve to get away after all of your hard work. But like anything else that requires planning, organization, and everyone getting along, family vacations can be stressful.

To avoid the tears and tantrums on your vacation and ensure you all have a great time, take a look at these survival tips and enjoy your best family vacation yet.

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Think about what’s gone wrong before

If the same things ending up going wrong year after year, it’s time to make some serious changes to how you vacation. Think about where things have been difficult or not enjoyable and look for ways to avoid them this time around.

Planning the perfect family vacation involves various elements, but getting the location right is a must. Consider factors such as the weather and how you’re going to get there and don’t be afraid to be detailed in your plans. From the mode of transportation, like flying via a jet like those at, to a road trip in your favourite vehicle, a lack of organization is often what turns a trip sour, so get your thinking hat on and be different this year.

Enjoy the build-up

One of the best bits about going on vacation is the build-up to take off. Get everyone excited about this year’s family vacation by starting a countdown and coming up with a hashtag to help everyone join in the fun. Getting custom shirts made can be a fun way to start each family vacation, and can make a great photo opportunity too. Having something to look forward to will get you and the kids through long days at work and school, so start the hype now and get excited about your vacation.

Make sure everyone gets to do what they want to do

Your family members each have different interests, so it’s understandable that not everyone will want the same thing from their family vacation. When planning your trip, make sure that everyone gets the chance to do something they want to do. From picking somewhere luxurious like Los Ventanas Cabo to stay to a group activity, this will help everyone to have a great time, and will stop those fights happening that can put a dampener on your trip.

Invoke ‘time outs’ when needed

Spending a lot of time together can soon take its toll on the family. Unlike at home, where people have the space to get away for a little while, you can find it difficult to get away and take a breather. Give everyone some time to do their own thing, especially if things start getting a bit tense. You can always try a do-over as a way to save your family vacation and put a quick end to any fighting. Families fight, but it’s important that you make up quickly to get the most out of your time away.

Your family vacation can be a fantastic way to get away from it all and recharge. Even a short vacation can make a difference and help you make amazing memories with your family. Looking for ideas for this year’s vacation? Why not look at camping with the kids and enjoy the great outdoors with the family this summer?


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