April 4th Photo-A-Day Childhood Toy

Seriously?  This prompt has my eyes wiggin’ out!! Which ONE of my childhood toys to share?

OF COURSE I have toys!! I mean helllllllllllo, have these past Photo-A-Day pictures not made you a believer when I say I AM A HOARDER?!?

One of my all time favorite toys was actually my Moms. When my Mom was 5 she wanted a brown eyed babydoll. This was at a time when most of the dolls had blue eyes. Leave it to my Grandpa to find a brown haired, brown eyed doll at the Goodwill!!  By the way, did you know that the Goodwill has been around since 1902?? And in the United States since 1915??  I had no idea!

This is Suzy. Suzy has a wind-up heart; which is a ticking noise. My late sister Patty was terrified of this doll. Sooooooooooo wanna know why my sister sends her spirit to haunt me?  On-naa-counta I may have wound up Suzy’s heart and threw my sister in the same closet. She screamed so loud that she had hives for the rest of the day.  Yup, I got my buttocks WHOOPED but good after that. Course, when I was a teen I begged my Mom to gift me Suzy. Soooooooooooo when my sister tried to get into my room I would just pick up Suzy. Baaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa!! (Trust me that is ONE VERY EVIL laugh!!) My sister never snooped in my room. Like EVER!!

The dress that Suzy is wearing is actually a dress that my Grandma wore as a child. I had my daughter Selena wear it for a picture opp. Then forgot to have Alice have a picture in it. I’m PRAYING that it will fit Al when I visit this summer! Just kicking myself I haven’t done this before!!

Of course, just about every kid has a teddy bear and mine is still alive and well…. not really well…….. but around anyway! He is crunchy and faded, but safe and sound in my room. You’ll never guess where Grandpa found this bear!? Yup. Goodwill!!

I have a real hankering to visit the Goodwill right now!


  • Tamra Phelps

    I still have the doll I got for my first Christmas in 1965. She’s one of those big, size of a 5 year old dolls. And she’s wearing clothes my Grandma made for me to wear.

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