Day 5 Photo-A-Day Repetition

Day 5! Well, HOT DIGGITY!!  I’m actually looking forward to blogging again. I imagine you guys will get bored with this kind of posting, hopefully not for a full month though.

This is actually giving my little Peanuts an insight to what a hoarder I am and what kind of quirky things I have in just one room. Yes, I have very, very eclectic taste. Okay, truthful just all and all out wack-a-doodle tastes. BUT, my craft-room gives me joy and I look forward to being in here every. single. day.

So, day 5 of 31 days of pictures from inside my amazing craft-room.

Today’s photo prompt is REPETITION.  This is actually one of my favorite collections. M&M’s. I know… I know you’re thinking “huh?” Well, these aren’t just any plain ole M&M’s these are from Air Force One! Yup, as in The President of The United States. Or two past ones anyway. My daughter Selena was part of the Presidential protection detail in Great Lakes Illinois just after 9/11.  The swag that George W. Bush and Bill Clinton gave to the teams included boxes of M&M’s with the Presidential Seals. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!  Yes, they do still have the M&M’s inside. No I have never been tempted to open them. I have a set of 4 and a set of two matchbooks as well.
If you have a REPETITION picture that you want to share email it to me at [email protected]  If this catches on I’ll do a weekly post of all the pictures!! In the subject line write REPETITION


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