Cel-Lab Slim Cellulite Cream Review

There is so much I love about this cellulite slimming cream from Cel-Lab Slim. First, this cellulite cream is light weight and absorbs very quickly. This cream also smells like roses; the scent fades quickly so it doesn’t conflict with your cologne or perfume.

CellThe texture of the cream is almost like a jelly, it’s a perfect pink color and has a great scent too.  I use the slimming cream on my upper arms and thighs; it dries completely with no greasy feeling and dries completely invisible.

I massaged the slimming cream into skin for my first application; straight out of the shower; then I crawled into bed. About 15 minutes later I was back in the bathroom looking at my skin! I was certain that I was having a reaction. I was positive I was going to be bright RED. Nope. Nothing looked different on me. ANYWHERE! The jar says there will be a tingling sensation. Tingling? I felt like I was on fire! Ohhhh okay; I’m being dramatic… but ummmm it was intense. Apparently the more moisture on your skin the more intensity of the heat you’ll feel, lesson learned use on very dry skin. Once the slimming cream is fully dried you will feel your skin tighten!

Using this cream along with working out or even adding a daily walk will help you see noticeable results!

This slimming cream helps my skin feel soft and moisturized, and I am seeing a reduction in cellulite. This cream is awesome for firming! Now is all my cellulite gone? No. But it is less noticeable.


Now I want to add if you are a contact lens wearer take your contacts out FIRST!!! Then WASH YOUR HANDS like you are a surgical nurse. Then wash them AGAIN! With a LOT of soap and water. This was a rough lesson learned!


Not a single one. This is a great cream. Just be sure to wash your hands REALLY well before touching your eyes. Even the day after this cream stays on your skin. So scrub your hands with plenty of soap!! You can FEEL IT WORKING; melting away your cellulite.


Cel-Lab offers a full satisfaction guarantee!




    It’s a bit late to suggest that you should have worn gloves! I really like the fact that it tingles – at least you can feel that it’s having some sort of result!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, I don’t wear contacts, lol, so it sounds good to me. I’m always afraid to spend money on these creams because they usually wind up being expensive lotions. But it sounds like this one actually does something.

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