Vitamin C Serum PLUS Phytoceramides! #skincaresystem

What makes this Vitamin C Serum PLUS Phytoceramides skin care system different from other products? This is a combo product consisting of a 30 day supply of a dietary supplement and a Vitamin C serum.

PhytoceramidesStarting with the Phytoceramides supplement. Take one capsule a day with 8 ounces of water. There is no odor and no after taste with this supplement. The supplement is 100% natural with a FULL 20% Vegan Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E. There are no fillers, no binders, no artificial ingredients. These supplements are gluten-free. There are 30 capsules so you get a full month supply.

Adding a punch to this duo is the Vitamin C Serum. Apply the serum to a clean, dry face and neck. The first thing you’ll notice about this serum is the golden color with tiny specks, the ingredients act as a mild exfoliate. I KNOW! Right?? In a serum?  Once you start applying the serum around your skin the exfoliate disintegrates and once you’ve spread it over your face you won’t be able to see or feel the specks. Another big perk is the fact that you don’t need much of the serum to cover your entire face and neck. IF you use too much your face will feel a little on the tacky/sticky side so remember LESS is MORE!  The serum really does spread easily.


Day 1: By the first day of using Phytoceramides, you will immediately experience tighter and smoother skin, this is natural. You will also notice your skin is tingling and a little bit more rosy as it is reinvigorated.

Week 1: After about a week of use, you will start to notice a drastic reduction in the visibility of dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and bags under your eyes. Your skin will be smoother and firmer on a constant basis, not just in the morning.

Week 2: As you continue to use the product, you will notice that the deeper wrinkles-such as the ones around your forehead and smile lines-will start to fade away. The saggy skin around your jowls and neck will have gradually reduced and in some cases, completely disappeared. Your skin will “snap back” when pulled, giving you the elasticity you had when you were much, much younger.

I have been using this duo for 3 weeks now and my face does feel firmer. I’m at an age (57) where I need to be way more proactive with my skin care, I’ll try anything to help with the sagging area around my chin! I am getting what my Grandmother use to call the gizzard neck. EWWWW!!! Noooo! Please make it stop!! So of course, I love the idea of destroying wrinkles from the inside out. Not only helping to fight wrinkles but adding the Vitamin C serum is helping diminish my age spots. (y’all know how I hate them!!)


The scent of the Vitamin C serum, not a fan! It’s a strong medicine/vitamin type scent. The scent does go away when your serum dries, but be warned it starts out strong. Other than that I’m very happy with this Skin care duo. I’ll be ordering more.



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