5 Family-Friendly Atlanta Activities for the Summer

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This summer doesn’t much resemble any that have come before. The pandemic continues impacting virtually all American cities and states. That’s true in Atlanta, GA as much as anywhere else.

Atlanta is traditionally a city that’s a lot of fun for both kids and adults. If your family lives there, or you’re visiting, you’re probably wondering what you can do with yourselves with the threat of Covid-19 hanging around.

It should please you to learn that many attractions are still open. Most of them require masks and social distancing, but that’s no reason you can’t take the kids and go check them out.

Here are some ideas as to what you can do in the Atlanta area this summer.

Zoo Atlanta

Regardless of what attractions you decide to see this summer, make sure you stress to your kids how important it is to wear masks. Covid-19 has killed several Atlanta transit workers lately, the latest sign that the virus is by no means gone from this thriving metropolis.

If you have your masks in tow, you might want to get the family to Zoo Atlanta. They’re open, and this is the place where your kids can check out:

  • The new African Savanna exhibit
  • The Ford African Rain Forest

The newly-remodeled African Savanna is triple the size of the previous elephant area. Your kids can meet elephants Tara and Kelly, who have lived there since 1986. There’s also Msholo, a new male elephant from San Diego.

Your whole family will also love the meerkats, warthogs, zebras, ostriches, and giraffes.

Creative Discovery Museum

The Creative Discovery Museum is another popular favorite with kids. It’s in downtown Chattanooga. This is a museum and play facility that can:

  • Stimulate your kids’ imaginations
  • Teach them about different parts of the world

Right now, they have Kenya’s Kids, a trip through Kenya that teaches children about what daily life is like there. They can travel through several immersive environments. They can learn about water conservation, dress as a Maasai, and even learn a little Swahili.

They can also become rangers for the day and drive a vehicle through the savanna, learning about the many animals that live there.

Skyview Atlanta

Provided that heights do not scare your kids, you also might head to Skyview Atlanta, where you can truly get a bird’s eye view of the city. This is a Ferris wheel that takes you a stunning 20 stories over Centennial Park.

It has 42 private, climate-controlled gondolas. You get a panoramic downtown view, and you can see all the surrounding areas as well. You can even get a special VIP gondola if you like that has a longer flight time, a glass floor, and Ferrari-style seats.

It’s also just steps away from many downtown restaurants and other attractions.

Southeast Railway Museum

Lots of kids love trains, and if your children do, then the Southeast Railway Museum is a must-see during your Atlanta trip. This is a way for you to take a journey through history.

You can look at classic freight and passenger cars. You can ride behind a real antique locomotive. Located in Duluth, Georgia, in northeast suburban ATL, the museum has a 35-acre site that’s quaint and picturesque.

The classic steam locomotives and Pullman stock are the stars here. People also love the fancy private train car once used by US President Warren G. Harding, at one time the epitome of elegance and style.

Adventure Air Sports

You may also want to go to Adventure Air Sports, where you and your kids can swing on a trapeze into an enormous foam pit. You can jump on trampolines in the trampoline area, and there’s also a vast ninja obstacle course. You can battle your way through it and try to get the fastest time.

There’s also a climbing wall, a zipline, and a dodgeball enclosure. If you have some rowdy kids with tons of energy, this should be a top pick.

Some other possibilities include the Anniston Museum and Gardens or The Rock Ranch, traditional Atlanta favorites.

Many people in the coronavirus age struggle with things like anxiety and sleeplessness. While there’s plenty of concerning things going on in the world, remember that your kids are still young, and you want to let them have fun as much as you can.

Try to forget about your troubles for a little while so the young ones can take joy in some of these activities. The smiles on their faces should soothe any anxiety you have.


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