Santoku Knife 7 Inch by Zelite Infinity

I’m not a chef. I’m a meat and taters cook. I’ve already shared with you that I THINK I can handle a knife like Gena Davis in Long Kiss Good Night; I can NOT! Each time I try I might as well go grab a band-aide cause I AM going to cut myself!  Now with that said; Zelite knives make me feel like I am a professional chef. We are slowly replacing all of our knives with Zelite Infinity Knives. These are truly amazing quality Chef’s knifes!! Whether you can handle a knife like Rachael Ray or Gena Davis or just a meat and taters cook like myself these knives will make food preparation FAST and with ease!!

The Santoku Knife has a 7″ blade. That’s a 7″ razor-sharp blade. Exactly what is a Santoku knife? I had to look it up myself; According to Wikipedia The Santoku knife is a Japanese general-purpose kitchen knife. The word refers to the three cutting tasks which the knife performs well: slicing, dicing, and mincing. (oh-oh that almost screams to me…. ya gotta try super fast mincing again! Get the band-aides ready!)

This Santoku Knife is a very well-balanced knife.  

The Zelite Santouku Knife uses imported Japanese Takefu VG10 Super Steel with 67-layer High Carbon Stainless Steel that incorporates a Hollow Ground Blade, What does all that mean? It means this is a non-stick rust resistant blade. I also want to mention the blade itself has a beautiful Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern on the blade. The blade is also tempered with liquid nitrogen which means this is one long-lasting, stain and rust resistant blade.

This knife glides through everything with very little if any slicing resistance.

The G10 handle is triple riveted to the Full Tang for extra strength and long-lasting durability. The handle of this Santoku knife has 3-metal mosaic rivets.

I can’t believe how easily this knife cuts through vegetables like carrots and yams. I tried it on frozen bacon and had to use the rocking motion, only because I didn’t want to slam the knife through to the cutting board. I have to admit the 8″ Chefs Knife from Zelite would have been a better choice with its rounded belly and curved tip. The Santoku is a straighter blade and really fantastic for chopping fruits and veggies. (WOW! Look at me with knowing which knife goes to which food!)

Chopping with the Santoku knife is wide enough that once you chop you’ll be able to move your food from the cutting board to the skillet easily.

The handle is also ergonomically designed; so as you are using this knife you will have a secure and very comfortable grip.  This knife is perfectly balanced in the hand.

Packaging is amazing! All of the Zelite Knifes come in a beautiful box with fitted foam form for safe and secure shipping. The box is also fantastic for storing knives that you don’t use daily. For instance we keep our Zelite Bread Knife in the box; it’s not a knife we use daily. The Santoku Knife is a knife that is used daily and sits on our cutting board all the time.


Are you kidding?! My Zelite Santouku Knife is extremely sharp. I have precise slicing with no squishing no matter how thin I slice well; anything!!
Razor Sharp Edge for Maximum Sharpness & Safety. Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit and more are Precision Sliced. No tearing or squishing, only Ruthless Efficiency, Every Time!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I like that the blade is wide (broad?) enough to use as a lifter-upper (oh, you know what I mean!). I still wouldn’t be safe anywhere near it though!


    See Connie, there’s the difference between us: you’re a meat & potatoes cook who can use a knife while I’m more shall we say ‘experimental’ but cannot go near a sharp knife. Personally I’ve always blamed Mum for my clumsiness; she slipped on ice when 6 months preggers with me & I reckon I got a bang on the head! Honestly, I’m hopeless! Just this morning I was dashing out the door, caught my sleeve on the door handle, the door slammed shut on my fingers & the cat’s tail … All my life it’s been “What have you done this time, Kate?” …

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