UPmall Glazed Glass Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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I am a huge aromatherapy fan. Aromatherapy not only treats your mind but your body and spirit as well. Aromatherapy can reduce pain, help you sleep better, calm you down, give you energy and raise your mood. I have a beautiful way to carry those scents with you!! This review is for the UPmall Glazed Glass Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace For Aromatherapy. This Grass Green diffuser hangs on a silk cord that you can adjust from 20″ to 27″.

Seriously, what a beautiful way to bring your favorite Aromatherapy scents with you!
The pendant itself is glass that has been imported from Italy. The beads used with this necklace, also imported from Italy. The glass pendant and beads are absolutely stunning. Eye catching to say the least. The soft grass-green color with gold accents surrounds the silver ‘well’ that holds the scents. The over all look is so unique! The top has beads at both ends of the cork. A large green glass bead with a gold bead dangle on top of the very small cork. The bottom of the cork is a silver mirrored, flat bead. I’m so amazed that even the cork is expertly crafted to be beautiful! Since the topper is made of cork, the scent of your essential oils release easily and give you a light scent all day long.
Attached to the bottle is a silk knotted necklace. The cording is also green and gold which compliments the bottle beautifully.

The cording is strong and I feel confident that the bottle is secure.

The UPmall Glazed Glass Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace arrives in a beautiful lilac colored round box with a silk bow. Truly ready for gift giving!


Not a single whine here. Seriously, how can I whine over custom Italian Hand Blown Glass?? The colors are beautiful! The workmanship is perfect! I am thoroughly pleased with this stunning necklace.



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