Microglo My Ticket To Younger Skin!!

I know y’all have listened to me whine about sun damage from past sins. Seriously, I will whine to anyone that will listen. BE SUN SMART!! WHERE YOUR sunscreen!
I lived on a farm in Colorado, I laid out in the sun slathered in a mixture of baby oil and iodine. Yup, it was a thing! I am pretty sure it was in Tiger Beat Magazine. (Is that even still around?) Seriously, was sunscreen even around in the 60’s and 70’s? Or was that considered a hebbie jebbie too hippy for me thing? Anyway, I never used sunscreen. Ever!! After all a true sun worshiper would never think of blocking those bronzing, browning rays!!

So many things I would tell my younger self if I could send a note back in time, a couple of which are DO NOT lay out in the sun. Constance, wear a dang hat! AND above all wear your sunscreen. Pale is GOOD!!

Since it doesn’t look like I’ll get my wish of sending that note to the 12 year old me I have to find things that will help me fight the lines, wrinkles and dreaded age spots! (I really hate age spots!!)

At 60 I’m forever looking for things that will help my skin look better, feel better and if by chance those age spots fade? Well, count me IN!!!!

The folks over at Microglo sent me an amazing tool to try. This is a handheld microdermabrasion wand. That not only helps with skin tone, skin texture but also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ALL FROM HOME!!

BLEMISHES & SKIN TONE – Microglo exfoliates dead and dull cells from the surface of your skin. By doing this, it allows for the growth of new cells to be stimulated, hence rejuvenating your skin.

SKIN TEXTURE – Microglo’s perfectly calibrated vacuum suction pulls blood flow to the surface of your skin which increases circulation. This suction triggers the body’s essential healing process, which builds collagen and elastin, leaving your skin firm and radiant.

REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF FINE LINES & WRINKLES – Once microglo removes your dead, dull skin cell barriers. Your skin care products are then able to fully penetrate through your skin’s surface. This maximises the benefits of your skincare products and leaves you with a soft, luminous, bright skin texture.

Results seen after 8-12 weekly treatments.

The Microglo is a once a week treatment you can use on your face or body. Since your skin cells are constantly regenerating the dead skin cells fade your natural glow and of course make your skin look older. My favorite part is that the sunspots will fade with the removal of those dead layers of skin. AND! Those expensive products, serums, moisturizers and such will actually absorb better as in 20% BETTER and MORE effectively after using your Microglo!!

Instead of expensive trips to a dermatologists office or spas expensive facials I can do the same treatment at home!! In five minutes!! It really is a fast treatment that I can easily fit into my beauty routine.


Start with a clean, dry face. Hold your face taunt and move in the direction of the cheat sheet. DO NOT hold in one spot DO NOT go over the same area more than once. Yeah, they aren’t kidding here. I tried, as promised I did have a red mark. As promised it did go away after about 2 days. Glide the Microglo across your skin, upwards and outwards, holding your skin taunt with the opposite hand. It doesn’t hurt, just remember not to go over the same area twice.

There are 4 different suction levels so even the most sensitive skin can use this device.

Remember only ONE treatment a week! However, after just the first treatment my face felt so SOFT!! I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like after the 12th treatment!

Now, go put on sunscreen!! And take a look at the Microglo for yourself. Add HAPPY20 at check out AND receive 20% OFF your purchase.


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  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m impressed! One thing I’ve noticed about living in Ireland: you can always tell the farmers, golfers etc. by the state of their skin!

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