Undiscovered Thai Arts! @NOVICA

Here we are again! @NOVICA hitting it outta the ballpark for this quarter.

If you aren’t familiar with NOVICA well, first you are soooo badly missing out!! Second, if you are familiar with NOVICA but aren’t familiar with Undiscovered then again YOU my friend are missing out.

NOVICA is my favorite site for spoiling me and for gift-giving.  This company does such great things! Working with National Geographic, Novica helps me find amazingly talented artists and designers from around the world!! These artists are paid a fair wage for their pieces and I get wonderful keepsake treasures.

Then NOVICA kicked it up a notch and started offering quarterly UNDISCOVERED Artisan Subscription Boxes! I immediately started a subscription. You can customize your boxes each quarter or be surprised. I opted for customizing. I love to use this opportunity to put things back for Christmas. Ummmm BTW Christmas is 100 days away. WHAT THE DUCK!?!?!?! How is the year almost over?!!? Sorry for that outburst, but seriously! One hundred days!?

This quarter for the UNDISCOVERED subscription box highlights Thailand.

Now those of you that have been around forever know I’m obsessed with (YES, I KNOW. A LOT of STUFF!) paper. I love how Undiscovered is so special and unique it even arrives wrapped beautifully. If you are a junk journaler you will really appreciate the unique wrapping! This month the outter wrapping feels like homemade paper. Ohhhh ahhhh! NICE!

Each of the 5 treasures included in the box arrive individually wrapped. I love getting to unwrap each gift.

NOVICA treasures

Start with the Diamond Cube. I love puzzles. This particular puzzle is interlocking pieces of hand carved rain tree wood. My first thought was NOPE, I’m never taking this apart. I will never get it back together again! Then opening the envelope attached to the puzzle I found the INSTRUCTIONS!!! HA!!! I’m hiding those! Now, you may feel free to take the puzzle apart and try and put it back together. (Shhhh don’t tell The Husband I have the key!!)

What Else Is In The Box?

Happy Green Owl. Son Zachary’s girlfriend Amber collects owls, this is so sweet and unique it will be perfect gift for Christmas (ya know… just 100 days away! UGH!) This is a celadon ceramic piece. Just so cute!

Happy Green Owl

This next one might just have to stay at my house. Lucky Green Elephants. Lifting their trunks to trumpet their happiness. Elephants with trunks raised are an important part of Thai culture.

@Novica Lucky Green Elephants

Now, ya know I have to pick jewelry when it’s offered. I think it’s in my DNA. This piece is Kariang Curls. These drop earrings are 950 silver, shaped in spirals that descend from hooks. These have daughter Selena written all over them. (Not literally, but they SCREAM Selena to me)

Kariang Curls Earrings

I love the distinct cloth bags that all NOVIA jewelry arrives in. The second cloth bag I snagged for myself. (HELLO! It’s JEWELRY!) Beauty In Nature is a hand stamped cuff bracelet with a motif of fish, flowers, and stars. A great blend of modern and traditional. It’s beautiful.

Beauty in nature bracelet

Tucked inside another little envelope I discovered a Lucky Saisin Bracelet. Traditionally knotted of cotton and gifted by the monks when you make an offering at the temple or by elders for good luck and good health. What a sweet surprise! Thank you NOVICA!

Lucky Saisin Bracelet

I’m thrilled with each piece from this box of UNDISCOVERED treasures from Thailand. (I’m also very thrilled that I have officially started my Christmas shopping I mean hellllo it’s only 100 days away after all!)

I can’t wait to see where NOVICA Undiscovered picks to highlight next quarter.  I’ll be back then to show you.


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