• Win $100 Amazon GC!!

    Amazon Instagram Blast $100 Amazon GC Giveaway!!

    I am so excited to be back with an awesome group of bloggers for the Makobi Scribe $100 Amazon Blast Giveaway for the entire month of August!! I sure hope it’s a Peanut Butter and Whine follower that wins!! Good Luck ALL!! Makobi Scribe is bringing you this Amazon Instagram blast where one lucky reader will win a 0 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here. Entry-Form

  • The Definitive Guide To Florida Travel!

    Vacation in Florida for Your Health If you want to be at your healthiest, take a vacation to Florida. Nothing soothes the body, mind, and spirit like traveling to such a beautiful location. Whether you are trying to heal, get in better physical condition, or just maintain your already stellar health, you will find activities and scenery to help you reach your goals. You can choose one city and spend all your time there, or take a road trip to all the crown jewels of Florida, such as Bradenton, Naples/Fort Myers, Jupiter Palm Beach County, Vero Beach, Destin, Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Fernandina Beach, and New Smyrna Beach. There…

  • Handpainted wine glass

    Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses From Valentina Paris

    I love wine. I enjoy the entire experience; from picking the perfect wine to pouring it into a pretty glass. I have a couple of wine glasses that I use almost exclusively because they are pretty. HA! I should have said “HAD” because I have replaced those wine glasses with 2 spectacular glasses. Unique Hand Painted Wine Glasses from Valentina Paris. These glasses truly are works of art. Each and every glass is unique and one of a kind. These are elegant, hand painted glasses that are simply stunning to look at. Another perk to these wine glasses? They are huge! These are the largest wine glasses I own. If you…

  • Advice on Finding the Right Health Insurance for Your Family

    We talk a lot about ways to keep our children healthy, and part of that means ensuring that they visit the doctors and other health specialists as required. From visiting the doctor for a physical and blood work to visiting the dentist for a cleaning, taking these preventative measures are necessary to ensure that our children (and ourselves) are healthy from the inside out. What I have found is however, that the biggest obstacle for parents and keeping up with their medical appointments is affordability. Without the proper healthcare insurance coverage, a trip to the doctor or the dentist could easily run a couple hundred dollars, and if you have…

  • Puracyn benefit list

    Puracyn Plus For ALL Wound Care! Even Mosquito Bites!

    Summer means that we saw our fair share of skinned knees, bruises and lots of insect bites. I swear Alice is all sugar and sweetness because the mosquitoes are addicted to that little girl. Finding something that helps without irritating her very delicate skin is hard! Check out Puracyn Plus. This is the next generation of wound care! Puracyn Plus Duo Care Wound and Skin Cleanser are the most advanced over-the-counter wound care solutions available in the market today. A perfect alternative to hydrogen peroxide, betadine, iodine solutions, rubbing alcohol, saline and triple biotic ointments. More importantly it’s safe!! To use Puracyn Plus simply spray directly on the wound to flush away…

  • Reebok SUMMER SALE!!! 30% Off Sale Items!!

    It’s a summer of sales at Reebok! Over the next 3 days; take an extra 30% off Reebok sale items when they use the code EXTRA30 at checkout. Here are a few must-have items that are sale RIGHT NOW!! Nano 4.0 shoes for only $70! Select ZPump styles as low as $63 Crossfit Sprint 2.0 shoes for only $54 T-shirts for less than $15! You definitely do not want to miss out on this summer sale!! Offer: Get an Extra 30% off Reebok’s Sale Selection Valid: 7/29 -7/31 Code: EXTRA30 Get an extra 30% off Reebok sale items   Get an extra 30% off Reebok sale items  

  • Liquid gold caffeine energy

    Liquid Caffeine; Liquid ENERGY!! #LiqiudCaffeine

    Right here. Right now I want to say someone needs to deliver me a pallet no wait an entire truck load of this liquid gold, Liquid Caffeine; pure liquid, fast acting ENERGY!! I will not share this bottle with anyone. It is mine. It is ALL mine. ONLY mine. Mine, mine, mine! I don’t even offer it to others in my house so they can test this. Nope. MINE! From my very first dose I can honestly say I was HOOKED! HOOKED people. MINE!! Can ya tell I really like this product?? On days where I’m in a hurry to get out the door and I forget to take my…