Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses From Valentina Paris

I love wine. I enjoy the entire experience; from picking the perfect wine to pouring it into a pretty glass. I have a couple of wine glasses that I use almost exclusively because they are pretty. HA! I should have said “HAD” because I have replaced those wine glasses with 2 spectacular glasses. Unique Hand Painted Wine Glasses from Valentina Paris. These glasses truly are works of art. Each and every glass is unique and one of a kind. These are elegant, hand painted glasses that are simply stunning to look at.

Another perk to these wine glasses? They are huge! These are the largest wine glasses I own. If you were a Cougar Town sitcom fan; well, these are wine glasses that would make Courtney Cox weep!!  Move over Big Joe these wine glasses would put you to shame!!!

These are mouth-blown wine glasses specifically designed to let your wine breathe. These are the perfect glasses to swirl your wine and see it’s legs, smell its aroma and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of your wine. These glasses are shaped to make each sip breathtakingly delicious!! From the smell, taste, and appearance.

These glasses are so unique! I promise these photographs don’t do these glasses justice. I love knowing that my glasses are mine; no one has my exact set! My wine glasses are as unique as; well me and the wine I enjoy!

Valentina Paris wine glasses are a true work of art and would make amazing gifts!! From the beautiful colors to the long, elegant stems these glasses are stunning! Designed in Paris these glasses will truly add elegance to any table!

Enjoying wine is more than just imbibing in delicious alcohol-it’s about embracing a sophisticated lifestyle that embodies exclusivity and luxury. Wine embodies passion, excellence, and sophistication; all qualities you’ll find in each and every one of our wine glasses. We create works of art that not only enhance the drinking experience, but the entire ambiance in the room. Using the time-honored tradition of mouth-blown glass, our professional artists hand paint each design to ensure high-quality durability and elegance. And because of our superior design, our glasses are a perfect match for any occasion, be it an elegant dinner, casual get together, or relaxing evening with a good book.


HA!! Whine about wine?!? Whine about elegant wine glasses?? Not a one! These Unique Hand Painted Wine Glasses truly make wine drinking even more enjoyable. The wine glasses arrive extremely well packaged and in a box that is definitely gift worthy. Truly elegant and unique! I have no complaints at all!!


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  • Rosie

    Wow, they are nice. This brings back a memory from long ago when we were going to try glass blowing, never actually got passed getting the equipment, because we were renting, and it wouldn’t have been allowed. I have some hand-painted wine glasses and I adore them, so much that I won’t use them LOL! Can’t take a chance! So only the other wine glasses can be used.

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