Universal Cell Phone Holder for the Car! #GIVEAWAY!!

Win a car mount cell phone holder! Christmas idea!! Remember a while back I wrote a review for a Do Good Have Fun’s, Car Phone Mount for the Windshield and Dashboard. I am still in love with the car phone mount!! It really is the coolest gadget in my car!!

The mount attached to my windshield so fast!! My phone is held securely!! My phone is huge, the Samsung Galaxy S4, it fits  in there securely and doesn’t slip!! 360 Degree swivel action provides a wide range of viewing options.  I can watch my GPS easily, play my music and see who is calling with a quick look up toward my rear view mirror.

Well, guess what?!?! I get to give one away!!! Just in time for Christmas!!! Thank you “Do Good Have Fun“!!

Good LUCK!!!

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