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If you are like me, you think about taking a class every once and awhile. Then I go look on line, and, if I do find a class I want the cost is insane!! I’m so thrilled to share SkillShare with you today.

Skillshare a place to go for Fashion and Style classes!!!  Classes you CAN afford!! You will be learning the essential skills from the industry leaders!!  These leaders shape the world of fashion and style today!! So, do you want to be the next big designer? Do you want to learn to how to add style to different areas in your home?  Do you want to design your own logo?? Do you want to learn to make the perfect Southern Friend Chicken?? I found a class to teach you to design your very own logo!! Well, read on because Skillshare is aweeeeeeeesome!! 

I’m blown away by the awesome reviews this site has! The amount of classes is awe inspiring!!

There are classes for everything style and fashion! Even learning to write style blog posts!! The Skillshare School of Fashion and Style will provide you with the tools to make your dreams happen.

For instance this particular class really caught my eye Urban Explorer Photography: Shooting the Forgotten + The Familiar. This class is $10.  Yes, you read that right $10! You will have lifetime access to your class. The classes are all self paced. This particular class has 3 video lessons. What makes this class so COOL is, it’s pictures taken with your CELL PHONE!!!

Those don’t appeal to you?  How about designing your own greeting cards?? This class is $20 and has 14 video lessons! This class has 100% positive feedback. Think of the Holiday cards you could send out this year!!!  Or even learn to make PICKLES!!!  I’m am blown away by how cool this site is!!!  Want to learn to design eye glasses?? There’s a class for that!!  What to learn to apply Red Carpet Ready Makeup? You guessed it……. there is a class for that.  There is a vast subjects of classes available. 

Each class has a welcome video so you can ‘meet’ the instructor and they can give you a brief run down of the class. This is a great personal touch.  Each class also shows the student’s work.  I LOVE THAT!!! 

Now, do you have a skill that you are great at?? YOU can enroll as a TEACHER!!

I hope you will check Skillshare out. I would LOVE to hear which class you would love to enroll in!!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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