Metakoo RC Off Road Buggy Review


Oh my gosh this RC Off Road Buggy is so MUCH FUN!!!!! With tons of little touches that makes this our favorite RC car yet. Check out the Metakoo RC Buggy!

From LED headlights, yes REAL lights in the front and back. There are even little drivers (in seatbelts and helmets) in the seats.


With 15 minutes of off roading FUN per charge. 15 minutes of 25 miles an hour fun. This buggy MOVES!! I love watching this kick up the dirt and spin out.
More perks are the suspension! This buggy moves in the dirt, over dried brush (excuse the video…. California drought and all)

This 4 Wheel drive RC buggy moves easily thanks to the 390 brushed motor. Real rubber tires, wide tires.
The remote control works great for about 1000 feet between the remote and the buggy. The remote control requires 3 AA batteries that are not included. The remote is configured perfectly, comfortable to hold. The remote is set up for a right handed person, holding the control stick in your left hand pushing the trigger forward moves the buggy forward and pulling back makes the buggy go backwards. Your right hand controls the steering knob (shaped like a wheel) You can adjust your steering with the smaller knobs on the remote. This will sync the wheels and give you full range on the buggy steering.

The remote syncs easily and quickly each and every time; just make sure to sync in the correct order. Turn on the car, press the sync button on the remote and THEN turn on the remote. This is such a great Radio Control Buggy.
Another item we are very impressed with is the fact that there is a extremely detailed parts list, numbers and names of each part so this buggy can be maintained and driven a LOT!!



No whines here! Metakoo has a checkered flag winner here!! This is a fun buggy to drive around!




    Dad would have loved this. We had planned on getting him a drone for his birthday but he had to go and die, the silly man.

  • michele soyer

    I do not handle these things well.. they always seem to go crazy even with a remote that everyone else seems to handle with no problem…I love the truck and will pass this on to my son…..

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