#Tools4Wisdom 2015-2016 Planner #Review

I would be LOST without my day planner. Seriously!! Gone are the days that I can remember well, anything!. I have to say it “I would forget my head if it weren’t attached!” sorry, it just had to be said.

One of my favorite things is a new Day Planner!! I know that a lot of people love their phone calendars I’m not one of them! For me, the best way to remember things has been to physically write it down.

I’m pretty impressed with this planner from Tools4Wisdom. This planner gives me a ton of ways to stay organized and more!!

This is the the newest Tools4Wisdom planner; Purse Edition!! This planner is a very sweet 5.5″ by 8.5″ size, the perfect size for taking it with me everywhere. Seriously, what good is a planner that I can’t stash in my purse?

Tools4Wisdom not only helps me keep track of day-to-day duties, but guides me through setting and ACHIEVING my personal and professional goals. SWEET!!

This is a softcover, spiral bound planner. There is even a unique wipe-clean cover. The calendar is 12 month calendar that goes from October 2015 thru to the end of October 2, 2016. The planner has Yearly Vision & Goal Setting Pages as well as Monthly Goals & Priorities Sections.

As a blogger deadlines are very important. I wanted a planner that I could keep the Grandkids schedules and my blogging calendar all in one spot. This planner is definitely the perfect fit. Seeing my long-term plans and goals written out is very helpful.

The inner cover page of the Tools4Wisdom planner has tips and ideas for goal setting and planning. Next is a blank page for notes and Mindmaping. Each month has several pages dedicated to Goals and Objectives and blank pages for notes. I absolutely adore the extra notes pages!!! When the month starts you have a 2 page spread with Monday through Friday and then the weekend on the right hand sidebar. Monday through Friday starts with a Daily Goal box then your day is marked 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the end of each day are two more boxes. Priorities and Notes. As well as and additional side bar box that is for Gratitude Thoughts. (I’m very excited to start using that box!! I truly have so much to be Grateful for!!)

Go to Tools4Wisdom’s website for videos and free webinars!! GREAT stuff there too!!

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The little choices that we daily make, will chart the course of life we take …  2 Thumbs WAY UP for Tools4Wisdom!!


Nope, not a one! The paper is thick enough that markers don’t bleed through. Each day has more than enough room to write my appointments and my reviews that are planned. I love décorating my planner with stickers and inspirational quotes and this planner works perfectly.

What about you? Are you a phone calendar person or a hard copy calendar person?? Do you décorate yours?



  • Rebecca Orr

    I desperately need a planner like this. With my new job, keeping track of my hours has been a pain. This would make it so much easier.

  • Sarah L

    My phone is low end and doesn’t have a good calendar on it. I have a program called Time & Chaos on my computer that keeps very good track of what I need to do.

  • Tamra Phelps

    My brother does his planning on his phone & he forgets everything, lol. Give me a real planner that I have to write in any day!

  • Rosie

    I got by without a hard copy planner this year but it was awful. I love this one and want to check it out, I have a big handbag, should be able to fit! I haven’t decorated any of them yet, but I would love to add a little flourish as it makes it more fun and happy!


    Meet the world’s no. 1 list maker! It helps me keep my head in order. I almost feel helpless & naked unless I have everything written dow. Post-its abound & the fridge door is my haven. If it’s not on the fridge then it ain’t gonna happen!

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