Breast Augmentation? Things to Know

Women see lots of media depicting, well, nice breasts. And sometimes when a woman looks in the mirror, well, it’s not what she sees. Age, child birth, gravity, weight loss – all those things can take a toll on the once perky breasts, and sometimes, you just weren’t born with the size you want. Are perky, larger, rounder and symmetrical breasts something you can never have if you weren’t born with them? These days, plastic surgery can take care of many things, and breasts are one of them. You can do something to get the breasts you want, and that is a breast augmentation.

What exactly is a breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where a surgeon makes an incision in the breast and inserts an implant to increase the size of the breast. General or intravenous anesthesia is necessary. The incision is predetermined and can be made in different areas of the breast. Though an augmentation is not necessarily a lift, an implant can help the breast be more perky. It is also one of the most common, if not the most common elective plastic surgery procedures performed in the Untied States.

Finding the right surgeon

Breast Augmentation- Things to KnowOne of the most important things when considering a breast augmentation, in addition to knowing the procedure and risks and recovery, is finding a good breast augmentation plastic surgeon. We’ve all heard of the stories of botched breast implants, and you don’t want this to be you. Look around, ask around and do some research when looking for a good plastic surgeon. Credentials and testimonials should be strong, as well as experience and background. Make sure your doctor is accredited and check his or her background. See how you feel during the consultation and make sure you and your doctor are on the same page with what you want.

Decide how you want your breasts to look and discuss this with the surgeon. Your end result should be what you want, not what he wants. Some women go in for a breast augmentation and come out with a tummy tuck and liposuction, too, though it’s not what they really want. The more you bundle the procedures, the more your risk goes up for complications from the procedures. Finding the right surgeon is very important, and the right surgeon shouldn’t try to talk you into something you don’t’ want.

Another question to ask during the initial process is where the procedure will take place. Make sure the facility is accredited. A hospital is the best place for this rather than an in office procedure. The bottom line, if something doesn’t feel right, find someone else.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

If you have always struggled with the size and shape of your breasts – this may be a procedure for you. Women who feel that their breasts are too small or not the same size are often happier with a breast augmentation. You also need to be in good health to make the procedure and recovery go easier. Another factor is that your breasts must be finished growing. That’s why this isn’t’ usually recommended for teenagers.

Some other question you may have…

Lots of questions come with this decision, some of these may be things you haven’t thought of, but could be relevant. Here are a few common questions:

  • Do implants need to be replaced? Not usually. They don’t have expiration dates and can withstand most anything.
  • Will they melt in a sauna? No. It would take temperatures of over 300 degrees to melt an implant. Probably not somewhere you’d be.
  • Will they interfere with a mammogram? It’s possible, so it’s always important to let your screener know of your implants. They can manipulate the implants to get good views of the entire breasts.
  • Will they interfere with breastfeeding? Usually not, but there is a chance and it is worth discussing with your doctor.

Lots of controversy exists around breast augmentation. Some argue that women shouldn’t change their bodies. Others argue they are risky. But it is a common, routine procedure that can enhance not only a woman’s breasts, but also her self esteem and confidence.

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    I’m sorry but unless a woman is flat-chested then she shouldn’t mess around with her body. I HAVE SPOKEN! Now breast reduction … yes please … soon as I win the Lottery!

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