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The iHeHa Qi Fitness Tracker Review

Check it out! This NaNa has a new fitness tracker!! The iHeHa Qi fitness tracker is easy to use and unlike the Fitbit this one does have a sleep tracker!! I have found that the iHeHa Qi also holds a charge longer as in 30 days on a single charge. That is based on 16 hours in walking mode, 8 hours in sleep mode. I am very impressed with that!

Besides having the sleep tracker and long lasting battery the iHeHa Qi comes with extra bands, turquoise blue and bright pink and also a belt clip incase you would rather wear it on your belt or my case bra.

I’m impressed with the quality of the bands and the tracker. They are very sturdy, flexible, silicone bands. I hang out with a 4-year-old during the day so something delicate will not work for me. The tracker itself slides off the band and onto the next band or belt clip easily

The bands are comfortable to wear. I love having the color choices! They are soft and flexible; you do need to take the end tab off the current band and add to the new band. It is super easy to remove and switch over. It looks a little like a button.

Now, no matter how cute a fitness tracker is it’s the performance that counts. I have found the Qi is very accurate. I have measured it with my Fitbit and was pleased that the steps were the same. I love the fact that I can easily check my heartrate buy holding down the Qi Face.

I can also see calories burned, steps taken, battery level and the time by simply tapping the happy Qi face!! The tracker moves quickly and easily between options.

I can also send my tracking information to my phone. This did take me several attempts to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone but I did finally get them synced; I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, but I finally deleted the app and started completely over and TADA! Synced!

While the Qi is water resistant to being immersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter I have not tried it.

To charge the Qi simply clamp the charger on to the face. Super easy, just make sure when you clamp the charger on you are covering the entire face of the Qi, otherwise you have the charger on the wrong way. I have pictures in the above video for you to see what I mean by clamp on.

No whines here! My Fitbit has less functions than the iHeHa Qi! The app is easy to use and comprehensive. Also I don’t need to remove the Qi to charge it. SWEEET!! The Qi gives me my heart rate and sleep monitoring too!! Nope, no whines here!!



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