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Eye Mask for Women from Drift to Sleep Review

Can’t sleep? Daytime sleeper? Racing Mind? There’s a nap for that. (Get it? Nap, App? Nothing?) Fine.

I sleep like crap. I love sleep, I yearn for sleep. I write it love notes I love it so much.

A little background on why I’m grouchy:

When I started working nights I had a hard time sleeping during the day, I hung up black out curtains and started a white noise regimen. After nearly 15 years of working nights I transitioned to working days and boy does that suck. My circadian rhythm is all out of whack and it’s been 4 years of adjustment. For most of my work life I have processed information and been physical during the night, constantly fine tuning of my skills, vigilance and reflexes – for law enforcement it’s a whole process that begins when you put your uniform on at the beginning of the shift, it’s called Hypervigilance and it’s what keeps us safe on duty but wrecks us off duty. I still get amped up at night, better vision, better hearing, and better reaction times and while it’s great for patrol or call outs it’s completely unnecessary and annoying for nightly readings of Cat in The Hat.

My Solution: Eye Mask

I’ve tried more sleep masks that the Kardashians have husbands. A lot more. I’ve tried the cheap ones you get at the drug store, higher end ones from Ulta. My go to one is from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is actually the #1 reason I gave this one a chance. I typically have two or three in my night stand in case one is in the wash, one falls behind the bed or I just plain can’t find it in the tangle of sheets. I like an eye mask that is light tight, is lightweight and barely noticeable on my face, I don’t want scent or any weight to it. I don’t like pressure on the bridge of my nose or tight bands around my head. The Drift to Sleep kit comes in a box with foam comfort fit earplugs (which I also loved before kids and when I slept during the day) and a molded foam, contoured for pressure-free eye comfort sleep mask.  One size fits all and since the cups don’t actually touch your eyes you could sleep with the mask on while traveling without fear that you’ll look like a raccoon upon waking. The directions say hand wash only, I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. I typically put my mask into a lingerie bag with my bras and set the wash cycle to gentle.  The mask is 100% polyester interlock polyurethane foam.

What I especially love about this mask and why it has replaced my favorite brand is that instead of Velcro at the back that catches on my hair, it has an adjustable strap. I set the strap when I first tried it on and haven’t had to move it again. There is one slim delren buckle at the back and it’s so slight that I don’t even notice it.

I like the pattern of the mask face (part everyone else sees), in fact it was what drew me to my favorite brand from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s a weird thing to care about but I like it to look pretty and feminine. I don’t need an eye mask that looks like a death mask or something out of a S&M catalog.

This is worth your money. I love this Eye Mask . Now scram because I’m tired and need my beauty rest!



This review was written by my daughter Selena.  You can learn more about Selena HERE.



  • Pamela Gurganus

    I really appreciate this review! My husband works the midnight shift and even though I have shades and light blocking curtains in the bedroom, he still has trouble sleeping during the day because of the light. This is exactly what he needs! Thank you for sharing.

  • Tamra Phelps

    My sleep pattern was completely screwed up by my first job, I think. It was a night job & now, thirty years later, I still can’t sleep at night! Maybe I need a sleep mask!

  • Rosie

    I know someone who has to work nights – actually different shifts that can unexpectedly be nights – this would be a good gift – as part of a gift basket. I had tried working nights once, I couldn’t get used to it.


    That’s a great new saying: rather than I’ve had more … than you’ve had hot dinners! … than Kardashians have had husbands! I’ll have to remember that! Seriously though it is so difficult to adjust your sleeping pattern when you’re on shifts and anything that makes that a wee bit easier is A1 in my book!

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