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Valentines Day Pick 2015

You’ve heard me complain time and time again, getting older is NOT for sissies!! Aging is the pits; between the aches, pains, not sleeping, and don’t even get me started about menopause!! I’m 55 and I have to admit that feeling good about myself, feeling sexy, feeling PRETTY isn’t something that comes easy anymore! I need to retrain my brain, I have to work at it. I want that flirty ‘I feel pretty’ girl back!! In my 30’s I felt pretty, I felt sexy and I projected that feeling; no matter what size I was. Menopause hit and that girl packed her bags and moved to Kansas.

So, my mission for 2015 is to put the effort back into FEELING pretty! In my 30’s I put that effort in… now in my middle 50’s… not so much!! Watching my Granddaughter Alice during the week is my BIG excuse. I don’t need to dress up, I don’t need to wear make up, I don’t need to feel pretty. WRONG!! What kind of message is that sending Alice? I want Alice AND my daughters to know it doesn’t matter your size, age or shape you can feel pretty, sexy and GOOD!!

There are easy fixes from finding a new hairstyle, HELLO PINTEREST!! There are tons of great ideas!! What about a new hair color? Don’t want to do that? How about a new blush, a new lip gloss or what about beautiful new lingerie?

I have to admit, from the SECOND I put on my new European Lingerie bra and panties; I immediately FELT sexy!! I felt so good I curled my hair, I put on make up!! All of that just to go to the park with Alice!

Check out the Louise Push Up Bra! It’s SO PRETTY!!! From the color to the styling!! The Louise push up bra features comfortable foam cups that push up the breasts to maximize the appeal of your bust line and has a low cut center that can be worn underneath any deep v-neck blouse or dress. The stunning details of embroidered scalloped accents on the edge of the cups and sheer detailing around the center and sides make this one VERY BEAUTIFUL bra!! The added detail of the dainty bow and a dangling rhinestone circle just make this bra undeniably sexy!! The wider straps make this bra comfortable too!! Comfort and sexy!?!

Don’t forget to take special care of your new lingerie! You invest in your lingerie and want it to last, so check out this page to learn to care for your beautiful under-pieces. You’ll be happy you did.

• Push-up effect to enhance cleavage
• Comfortable foam cups
• Hook-and-eye back closure
• Hand wash, line dry
• 78% Polyamide, 18% Elastan, 3% Viscose, 1% Polyester
• Made in Slovenia
• Brand: Lisca
• Color: Red

Add the matching Louise Briefs for an all over sexy feeling!! These briefs are not just sexy and undeniably feminine but they are comfortable too!! The classic fit works for both day and night! Dressing up or just to feel sexy under jeans these red briefs with their sheer floral lace panel are so beautiful!! The center inset panel has an overlay of pearly embroidered lace adds a tasteful touch of modesty that offers confidence and seductive charm.

• Comfortable, classic cut brief
• Hand wash, line dry
• 75% Polyamide, 22% Elastan, 2% Viscose, 1% Polyester
• Made in Slovenia
• Brand: Lisca
• Color: Red

Foreign Affair Lingerie is dedicated to bringing you the finest in European lingerie. Foreign Affair puts an emphasis on a variety of up-to-date styles, proper sizing, and the appropriate fit for your body type!!! All of that set’s the stage for you and creates the mood that makes you feel beautiful.

Every woman deserves to be comfortable in her own skin Foreign Affair offers a wide variety of products that play up the positive assets of your body!!

Foreign Affair Lingerie features brands and designers from a variety of different countries, each with their own individual flair. From basic undergarments for comfortable, everyday wear to sultry pieces that can transform you into a seductress for that very special occasion, we provide an extensive array of colors and designs to suit your personal style.

Foreign Affair Lingerie truly helps set the mood I desire!! Whether the mood calls for sweet, sexy, aggressive, or sophisticated, Foreign Affair has the Lingerie I WANT!!! It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing on the outside; what’s underneath makes me feel sexy!!

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If I wasn’t so badly apposed to blogs that have music that starts as soon as you long on; y’all would be listening to “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story!! Or maybe Hot Legs from Rod Stewart! It’s amazing what beautiful lingerie will do for your mood, your outlook, your mind set!!


Not a single one!! Beautiful, sexy and comfortable lingerie!! What more could I possibly ask for?!? The Foreign Affair Lingerie site  is easy to navigate. With so many beautiful pieces of lingerie you’ll want one of everything!!

Check out more of my favorites!!

I’d love to know your favorite piece or pieces of lingerie from Foreign Affair Lingerie is!



  • Christine A

    Putting on beautiful lingerie changes my mood for the better. The Louise bra is beautiful and I really like that it has a low-cut center, I don’t like having to adjust my clothes because my bra is showing.


    I’m 55 as well, rarely wear makeup & have always gone for comfort over sexy. I can’t remember the last time I felt sexy! The thing that really annoys me about sexy lingerie are the ads/photos. That woman in the pictures above would look good in anything! Why don’t they show a real saggy, baggy woman like me? A before & after transformation? Now that really would impress me!

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