Informucate! I DO Have Time For The News!

I don’t know about you but I have so much going on anymore that I don’t have the time to sit and watch the evening news.  Reading a newspaper? Forget about! I’ve told you before 4-year-old Alice’s favorite words are “PUT THAT DOWN”!  She really doesn’t care that the NaNa would love to stay informed. If it wasn’t for The Husband I wouldn’t know what was going on in the world!!
Check out Informucate. This is a newly launched news explainer site but with a HUGE difference. This site gives you the news in 12 current stories UNDER 200 WORDS!!! Even I can manage to read 200 WORDS!! All of the jargon definitions, concepts and key terms are there for you to explore as well, just check the right side of the screen. does not aggregate its news. All daily stories are uniquely selected by editors and written by journalists.In your 12 stories you get the top news story of the day along with my favorite; the entertainment section, ya KNOW I have to know what Angelina Jolie is up too!! There are also trending news, money articles, Informucate even covers technology and the ever popular ‘bad behavior’ report.

Even more to love is the fast facts video encyclopedia that includes fun daily trivia that puts a spin on pop culture. I randomly picked a date from September. Can you believe that Joan Rivers has already been gone a full year??

This site is addicting!! Not only is there serious news but entertaining news as well. Best of all, it takes just 5 minutes a day to get informucated.

There are two ways to get your news Fully Loaded or Stripped Down.

Informucate Informucate2

Ever wondered why we celebrate a holiday? Or even what a particular holiday IS?  There’s a section for that!!! Want to learn more about a certain breed of dog? Like Bulldog?? There’s a section for that too!! BTW I NEED a Bulldog Puppy!! I really, really do!!!

Fast facts like College Guide, Famous People (Did you know that Babe Ruth was only 53 when he died?) Want to learn about TYPHOID MARY? I could go on and on!!! There are so many sections to check that you won’t want to stop reading. I know I’m headed back right now!

The water cooler talk will never be the same!!


  • Rosie

    This is a good idea as I have saved several sites for news and check them all, sometimes a few times a day! it is a pain and this would sure be a timesaver!


    I subscribe to a couple of these sites & just like Googling something I end up going off on tangents and spending more time than I meant to reading about all kinds of everything!

  • Pamela Gurganus

    Now this sounds just like my kind of site! I too do not have time to sit and watch or read about the news. I really like that I can visit one site and get the top stories. If there’s something I probably need to know about, I could find it here. Thanks for sharing! Also, English Bulldogs are my favorite breed. 🙂

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