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Forestfish(TM) Wireless IP Camera Review

Wait till you see today’s review!! This is the Forestfish(TM) Wireless IP Camera. I’ve told you before how much our neighborhood has changed in the last 30 years. We have an alarm system for inside. A wonderful camera for outside and now? We have a Surveillance Camera for inside the house!! Check this out! The ForestFish is Wifi enabled. I can check on the house and of course The Husband when I’m away from home. HA! No more wild parties for The Husband!

This camera has the ability to pan, tilt, zoom in!! I can take pictures and I can add video. The camera also has night vision!! There is even a built in microphone!!

First and foremost the customer service is amazing at ForestFish. I admit as tech savvy as I thought I was I managed to skip and entire step getting this camera to work. Customer service was so patient and so helpful!!! 

What I learned is you will need to connect your camera with a cable to the router FIRST!!! Set up your WiFi and THEN you can disconnect your camera from the router and plug it in anywhere in the house. Once I got that step straight I have a crystal clear HD picture of my kitchen and diningroom.

To start download the NetCam app then scan the QR code. There is no initial passcode! That was another thing that was hanging me up. You will set your own passcode, which we love! 

It is easier to get up and running than it sounds. I was making it harder than it actually was!! Again, thank HEAVENS for the patient customer service!!


IF! You get into trouble this camera is very forgiving; just use a pin to reset the camera to it’s straight from the box settings. The trick here is to hold the reset down for 15 seconds!! I do mean a FULL 15 seconds! Less and you will not reset. (Yes, I am that person that tries to rush time!)

This Surveillance Camera is perfect for our home. Not only does this camera give us peace of mind when we aren’t home but since The Husband has Multiple Sclerosis I can check on him if he doesn’t answer my phone calls. I am THRILLED!!

The camera itself is extremely well made. The camera look great and works so well!
– 360 degree motion range
– WIFI capable
– night vision
– motion sensor
– microphone and speaker
– light sensor
– automatic turn on
– dual filter for better video
– password protected
– alarm for notifications
– memory card capable
– easy setup for your device

The camera can be set on a table or desk or you can hang it up with the enclosed bracket.


I have true peace of mind with this Surveillance Camera.


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