Scare Up Some Spooky Fun!

Scare Up Some Spooky Fun With These Quick-and-Easy Halloween Themed Crafts

Halloween is right around the corner! this means time is running out to tackle holiday themed craft projects. The following projects won’t take longer than an afternoon or two, and they’re sure to scare up some fun for the upcoming holiday.

DIY Halloween Costumes
For parents, the most daunting thing about Halloween is the expensive costumes. Children race through department stores begging to be a witch or a pirate (or, worse something licensed like a superhero)… The price tags certainly don’t reflect the quality of the costume, which is why you know it’s best to just make it yourself!
Fiskars, the scissor company, has created a comprehensive (and easy) list of DIY Halloween costumes. Their easy halloween costume designs will overjoy children, without strapping you for time or cash. Using a bit of tulle, elastic and felt, you can quickly assemble a colorful witch costume for your little girl. For your boy, the site recommends that you “embellish something pre-made.” Their shark costume uses a grey hoodie, and can be put together in minutes. It is perfect for the aquatic enthusiast.
DIY Indoor Halloween Décor
Throwing a last minute party? Your décor doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor do you have to spend the next couple weeks barricaded in your craft room. Decorate your windows and mirrors with bloody handprints by mixing together craft glue, a drop of blue food coloring, and a few drops of red food coloring. This project is easier to clean up when you apply the handprint to stretched plastic wrap and then tape the plastic wrap to whatever surface you’re decorating.
You can put together a large spider web in minutes using masking tape and gray (or white) yarn. The Art of Doing Stuff lists easy instructions for putting this large spider’s web together. The best thing about this spider web is it costs less than $5 to put together, and that includes the spiders you’ll attach to it.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Décor
Imagine scaring the pants off some trick-or-treaters using nothing but an empty toilet paper roll and a glow stick. This time of year, most department stores sell packs of glow sticks for around a dollar. Save your empty toilet paper rolls, and then cut eyes into them. Put a glow stick inside the cut toilet paper roll, and then place the spooky glowing eyes someplace really dark. The result is free-floating spooky eyes.
If you have trees in your yard, you can hang spooky garland, such as bats or ghosts. For bats, pick up some googly eyes and black construction paper. Cut the bats out of the construction paper, and then glue the eyes to its head. Attach the bats to your tree using string. For ghosts, you’ll need white fabric, string, and a black sharpie. Simply bunch up the fabric, and then tie a string around the head. Use the sharpie to draw on some eyes. If you can’t get the ball shape for the head, stuff in some toilet paper to thicken it up.
Spooky Food and Drink
For a truly unforgettable, DIY Halloween, pair your craft projects with spooky foods and drinks. Spooky foods, such as hard-boiled eggs dipped in red food coloring, act as a sort of décor themselves. Plus, it only takes a day to cook up a delectably frightful décor, that’s also delicious enough to eat.

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