Gettin’ To Work………

Enough procrastinating I have GOT to get to WORK!! I’ve really got to do some packing!! I’ve only been whining about it since October.

On one hand, June, which is supposed to be when we put this house in California on the market……… is fast approaching. On the other hand June is sooooo far away.  (Don’t you wish you could spend 15 minutes inside my head??)

Either way, I did promise The Husband I would really work on packing this month while he is in Idaho painting and installing new doors.

I am thinking of starting with closets and drawers. Right? Places that others won’t notice… right??

Or do I take pictures off the walls?? So that I can easily use the excuse “Excuse the mess; we’re moving”

So, for those of you that have recently moved’ what would you do differently if you had to move now??

What do you pack first?

Whats your best moving advice; besides don’t do it because it’s too hard!?!?!

Final question…… will you come help? I’ll supply donuts AND coffee!!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Put the kettle on I’m on my way! Although as a citizen of one country soon to leave the European Union and living in Ireland, which is definitely staying in the EU, your immigration and passport control might not let me in. What if I got deported?

  • Tamra Phelps

    The first thing I packed was books. They just come right off the shelves & go into the boxes…no big deal, lol. I packed up a lot of kitchen stuff that we rarely used, too. The last move we made, I didn’t pack anything already in a drawer—just removed the drawers with the clothes, etc., in them, moved them that way, & slid them back in when we got here. Yeah, I’m that lazy, lol.

  • Rosie

    Not to make you more anxious, but June is late in the season to put a house on the market. I’d do it sooner, and pack anything you can live without and put it into a storage bin. If you can afford it, hire a professional stager, they may suggesting removing some furniture, too. I’ve been looking into moving, too, so I’m going through this same thought process, what to do now, versus later, and how, etc.

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