Post Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids!!

Thinking of the perfect post holiday gift ideas for kids will lead you to an endless search on the web that can be overwhelming. With so many things to consider such as interest, age appropriateness and costs, it can be hard to decide which gifts to by will be money well spent. By understanding the things that motivate and gravitate toward the children in various age groups, you can effectively select the perfect gift, and make the post holidays just as special as the holiday season.


Children that are still learning to talk and potty train do not need much. In fact, they are probably the easiest children to please since they are not aware of technology yet. A set of children’s dishware with their favorite character is fun, and makes dinner time exciting. Clothes for a special occasion like a pair of overalls and a fleece sweater is perfect for taking pictures, going to a birthday party or visiting grandparents. Many kids clothing stores like Debenhams has promo codes for overall sets, pajama sets, cartoon-themed sets and vest and slack pairs. Choosing clothes and outfits as a present for toddlers give the child something to look adorable in that everyone will compliment. It also increases the value of the memory of taking the picture, attending the special event or spending time with grandparents.


Children between the ages of 3 and 5 have developed hand and eye coordination to enjoy more sophisticated toys. Learning pads and educational DVD or video games are entertaining and educational, helping the kids get ready for school. Girls this age love to play dress up, so some costume jewelry, accessories and play clothes will make their face light up. Boys this age like to play with action figures and play with Legos. Any post holiday gift ideas for kids that allows them to play pretend and get lost in fantasy worlds spark creativity and develops problem solving skills at this young and impressionable age. You can check here for additional savings.

Grade School-Age

Children between the ages of 6 and 10 are very curious as they absorb new things like a sponge. Further encouraging their learning capabilities is helpful, but their interests are captivated by exploration. Post holiday gift ideas for kids like binoculars, science exploration kits, chemistry kits, painting sets, low-grade cameras and even spying equipment can encourage the child to engage in new experiences. It also allows them to explore their environment, making new discoveries of their own about nature and relationships between people and other objects.

Middle School- Age

Children between the ages of 11 and 13 are the hardest to please. At this pivotal ages, the children are heavily influenced by their peers and their self esteem dictates their feelings. Choosing a gift for these children should be based on their individual interests and what is trendy with their peers. Since everything has migrated heavily towards technology, smartphones, tablets, game console accessories and video playback devices are very popular and highly desired by children in this age category. Finding post holiday gift ideas for kids like these will not only help you to fill the needs of children of all ages, but it will inspire you to make the gift giving special. After all, receiving post Christmas gifts is already special in itself, but when the gifts are clear expressions thought and love, they start to become even more memorable than the holiday gifts opened Christmas morning.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Perhaps I’m heading into a grumpy old age but why should children have even more gifts? It’s just more pressure & expense for parents and doesn’t teach children about how lucky they are.


    I’m with Sarah! Although the best present I ever remember getting was a chemistry set when I was about 8. Brilliant fun!

  • Anne C

    My son is 14 years old and I find it hard to surprise him with gifts. It’s either too young or too old for him. I stick with socks, gloves, or bonnets, or I just ask him what he wants. Lol!

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