LANGRIA Mesh Executive Office Chair Review

Being an empty nester has some great perks. One is that I was able to take what was once my sons bedroom and turning it into a craft/office/haven of my very own!! It’s a perfect room for me. Now, it’s even more perfect. I had a very old and extremely uncomfortable chair when LANGRIA sent me an offer to review this gem; yeah I jumped at the chance! I sit at my desk for hours at a time so comfort and getting my chair to the correct height adjustment is important. I couldn’t wait to roll the old chair out to the curb. (Which by the way a week later is still there! That says something about its condition!!) I have my new LANGRIA Mesh Executive Office Chair adjusted for maximum comfort! I’m officially not hunched over my computer!! My feet are flat on the ground! My back feels supported! I’m in office chair heaven!!

The chair arrives well packaged, with each of the large pieces wrapped in plastic for protection.

Starting with assembly, I did a short video of The Husband assembling the chair and then I condensed the video into 30 seconds. Truthfully it took less than 30 minutes to fully assemble.

The LANGRIA chair swivels 360 degrees with no glitches or jerky movements.

The wheels roll very smoothly on tile and on carpet.

The chair body is black with a red mesh back rest, the sturdy part of the back is what provides the support on my back.

The instructions were fairly easy to follow. Basically attach the wheels to the base and build up. The pieces fit together easily. Exactly enough screws and nuts came with the chair. Even the Allen Wrench was included. No other tools were needed.

The chair has great back support between the molded hard plastic in back and the mesh netting that is firmly stretched from side to side it really does provide great comfort for my back. I do wish the back came up higher so I could lay my head back, but that isn’t a deal breaker. The chair encourages me to much better posture, I’m not slouching!! The lower netting kind of forces you to sit up straight. It’s a very comfortable way to sit.

Adjusting the height of the chair is easy. This chair uses a pneumatic gas lift for full height adjustments of your seat so the seat lowers and rises easily. Lowering the chair is easy while you are seated. You will have to stand to rise the chair.


I do have a couple of whines. The cushion for the seat itself is my only real whine. I wish it had more padding. I’m a big girl, I need more cushion!! Especially for days that I’m sitting for hours at a time. I’m not overly crazy about the arm rests but again not a deal breaker. They are smooth and wide black plastic. I just wished they had a little padding.

Overall, it’s a MAJOR step up from my old chair and I am thoroughly enjoying this mesh office chair. The mesh on the back keeps me cool and comfortable. The chair rolls like a dream and I can turn a full 360 if I want.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Reading my last comment has made me all nostalgic. Dad even ‘fixed’ his car seat to make room for his long legs. Meant we couldn’t drive his car!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It does look pretty nice overall. Lord knows I need a decent chair for my desk. I’m using a dining room chair at the moment, lol.


    I’m using Dad’s old chair at the moment and it’s terribly uncomfortable. He was 6’2” and somehow reinforced the base which means I can’t adjust the height to suit myself. Anyway, when things settle down at home I’ll start looking for a replacement.

  • Rosie

    I sounds like a nice chair, getting a pad to make it more comfortable is not too hard. Sounds like you were overdue to get a new one!!!

  • michele

    I need this! The office chair I have is so uncomfortable.. You have given me the idea to buy a new one and this is it.. Thank you Connie

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